Build Mode
#1 11-07-2014 
A new article out for buildmode:

Please have a read and share your thoughts.
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#2 15-07-2014 
I'm a little daunted by how "easy" it's supposed to be and how much the game is supposed to do for you. I don't actually want the building to adjust itself to the changes I'm making: I want to adjust the building myself. It may end up being more of a struggle than simply laying down walls. I'm also not happy with the condescension towards build mode, saying that players don't want endless tinkering.

Actually, some of us do, whether in build mode, in CAS, in outside-the-game modding, or in live mode. That's what we play for.

#3 16-07-2014 
I think it's fair to say that before you've been bitten by the build bug, building lots can be a bit of a bother for storytellers--thank goodness to the builders who shared their lots. That said, after building a lot... then it's hard to go back to playing because you just want to build more and more for your game. Big Grin If it's easy to build, perhaps simmers will get the build bug earlier rather than later, and if they don't catch the bug at all, the TS4 insta-download thingy should make it easier for them to world build without building skills.

My only concern is small lots and houses. TS2 micro lots make all the difference in my game. The houses I see in TS4 ads are not my taste at all, but then if the lot grids are big by default, small starter houses might look weird. I hope if this is the case, that there will be a way to hack mini-lots again.

EA should really sit down and play a hacked version of TS2 and base all of their expansion packs and future planning of this game on that experience (although when they talked about breastfeeding, I wondered for a moment if that is what they actually did *lol*)

#4 16-07-2014 
If building is so easy no one will bother to download buildings any longer, which will effectively put us builders out of business. Sad Of course there is still sims 2 and hopefully that will continue to flourish despite sims 4 being the new shinny. It's nice to be able to do something that you know others need and be able to give something back to the community.

#5 17-07-2014 
Some people would download them if they cant be bothered building and for inspiration

#6 17-07-2014 
joandsarah, I really doubt everyone will want to build their own lots however easy they make it. It's not like it's hard in any game to make a basic playable lot. For some people, there is a real pleasure in exploring the lots created by other people, and seeing how their sims move around in them. It's similar to the pleasure some people get out of deploying a custom build set or a new set of clothes or a hacked object with new functions.

Me, I'm torn between the things they added that I always wanted (variable walls, variable placements for windows) and the things they took away (terraforming, lot sizes and placement). Another issue that I see is a "be careful what you wish for" one: I'm wondering how custom walls will work with variable wall sizes. Will the texture repeat or stretch to fit the taller walls? Either of those is problematic, but stretching is worse. Repeating can be worked around, though it means wainscoting and moulding would have to be separate objects. Variable foundations might be interesting, but only if you can have more than one size on a lot and better still if you can have a level below the foundation.

With the lots already placed on the map, it's hard for me to see how I can recreate the urban landscape I am interested in.

#7 17-07-2014 
ritaxis, don't forget about curved fences :-)


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