Sims2 Ultimate Collection
#11 15-07-2014 
I don't mind trying it out - I have all the disks (apart from the mini-holiday, and holiday pack), so if it stuffs me up I can always uninstall it and reinstall my games.

However. They haven't sent me the email.

BO - I doubt they will require Origin and online to play - they don't with Sims3 or other games. They like Origin to be up - but you can still play with no internet access (and I uninstalled Origin because of this).

#12 15-07-2014 
Kiri, I applaud your trust in the good intentions of EA. However, I do not share it because I believe it would be misguided. Maybe so far Origin wasn't required to run during TS3 play, but who guarantees that it will stay this way?

No, I don't trust those guys any further than a baby can throw 'em. I've seen enough proof of their evil ways, thank-you-very-much.

#13 15-07-2014 
I haven't gotten an eMAIL, and I can't find anything at Origen for Sims 2 at all. Ginnie <muttering nasty words about Origen under her breath>

#14 16-07-2014 
I just got it on Origin. *downloading* I took the opportunity to delete and reinstall Windows 8 on my laptop. Thus, everything is all clean again! Big Grin

Hope this Ultimate Collection will work fine; but I bet that I will still be obliged to go through the usual process discussed here on LeeFish. Wink

#15 16-07-2014 
* leefish flails. Why am I getting nuffin from EA?

* leefish adjusts tinfoil hat on Internet connection.

#16 16-07-2014 
LMAO Lee'! Tinfoil hat! xD

#17 16-07-2014 
It's been confirmed that this collection plays without being connected to Origin and offline. Really I think it's a marketing ploy to make themselves look good. So while it is EA I don't think the intent here is to be evil, I think they are just trying to rally good feeling in the hope we all buy sims 4.

#18 16-07-2014 
You're certainly right, jo&sarah.

Aaargh, I won't be able to resist to the purchase of The Sims 4, even if that game doesn't delight me that much a priori.

#19 16-07-2014 
I got it earlier today. But like I said elsewhere, I don't plan on downloading. My nice, shiny new Ultimate Collection will be sitting there gathering dust.. until the day I can't use my discs at all anymore.

* mustluvcatz admits she caved in and submitted her email for the CAS demo though
(That I'd actually kind of like to get.)

#20 16-07-2014 
I got the eMAIL (finally), reved up Origen, but only see Sims 2 Store version, not Ultimate. Back to EA's chat room. Sigh. Ginnie


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