Sims2 Ultimate Collection
#21 17-07-2014 
That's exactly what I plan to do with it MLC, let it sit and gather dust. Just that it hasn't been added to my dash and I've had no email.

#22 17-07-2014 
It finally appeared in my list of things. I can't figure out if it's all of the Sims 2 ep's or not. Ginnie

#23 17-07-2014 
It's all EPs and SPs. Smile

#24 17-07-2014 
Is Holidays included in it Twi?

#25 17-07-2014 
Lee', from what I saw in the Buy Mode, I'd say that yes, Holidays Party Pack is included (the last and most complete one).

For the game to be "ultimate", they could have included Sims 2 Store as well as all the pre-order items. Big Grin And Life Stories, Pet Stories & Castaway Stories items... What? Is that too much?

#26 17-07-2014 
Lol, give an inch and take a mile. I think it would be nice to just chuck all the store and pre- order things in as well, but meh - its more than we expected anyway.

#27 17-07-2014 
Can you get this if you register your physical copies? I have never used origin before last year (for TS4) but I bought hard copies. I want the extras if there really are some for legit owners. Is it possible to register and receive this benefit this late in the game? Since I'll be using Origin for TS4 I don't mind downloading TS2 and reinstalling it.

#28 17-07-2014 
There are no extras as far as we know. It is patched, but I have seen no developers notes for the "fixes".

And yes, you can try and register the copies, but the wait times are like an hour and some of the reps are not well briefed and tell you to go away and "will get it on the 22nd"

#29 17-07-2014 
I got it out of the blue today after finishing lunch. I installed it but it seems to take less space than I remember TS2 taking up. Also anyone who isntalls won't be using the AGS anyhow. from what it looks like it's using Double Deluxe, Fun With Pets, Best of business, and University Life to suppliment the included packs in the group. the only "standalones" are ones not in those sets.

EDIT: It seems origin is updating it?!

#30 17-07-2014 
They said that there will be extra content in the letter (that I never got ;___; ) So there is no extra content? If it is just all the Expansion packs, then that will be cool for simmers who don't have them all--finally no one needs to worry about missing ep cc game crashes!


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