BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
#51 06-08-2014 
GO, YOU!!! You da cat!! Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

== instead of := and vice versa - been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Tongue And your way is best - mine requires attributes and stuff to keep the effect from turning on every time you enter live mode, and that's just making things unnecessarily complicated.

But you will make something like this again, you've got the bit between your teeth now. Wink This stuff is addictive!

#52 06-08-2014 
I've been sitting here watching the glow go on and off and getting my sims electrocuted now and then and thinking: I did that. Sure I had some help, sure I broke the danged thing a million times (you should see the project folder with all the rejects..), sure I had to study a whole bunch of objects to see how they worked. But I.DID.THAT. Big Grin It's an awesome feeling! Now to figure out how best to present it in an upload!

Many, many thanks to you, Nix. <3 And MSD- his way may not have worked, but if it wasn't for his way I wouldn't have figured it out at all. (And you're probably right, I'll do it again someday. With something totally different just to see if I can. HeeHee.)

#53 06-08-2014 
I know, right? You feel like you're ten feet tall and bulletproof. Celebrate

And breaking something a million times and dissecting a ton of other objects to see how they work - that's the best way to learn IMO. Sure, it might be easier just to do what somebody tells you to, but you don't really learn anything that way. And it sure as heck doesn't give you any awesome "LOOK WHAT I HAVE CREATED!!"* feelings. Big Grin

And I'm happy I could help. Heart I'm tellin' ya, it won't be long before I'm the one asking you for help with these things. Wink

*You know, like Tom Hanks when he finally manages to make fire in Cast Away

#54 07-08-2014 
AND.... it'd done and posted at MTS. Big Grin

Would've uploaded it here (since here is where I got all the help) but it WAS meant to be a special #ofdownloads/#ofuploads/creatoranniversary thing! So, sorry to send anyone out of the pond to go look at the beauty that is the glowing plumbbob.

#55 07-08-2014 
And....... have been to look! It's awesomesauce MLC!

#56 07-08-2014 
What Karen said! It's the definition of awesomesauce! Celebrate

And MLC you sweetie, thanks for the thanks. Heart I hope you're as proud of you as I am! Big Grin

#57 08-08-2014 
I have been, I have seen, and I have downloaded. I wonder about that curse the plumbob interaction -- it sounds like I'll want to experiment with it and if it is as iffyu as it seems I may stick to the other things after that . . .

But I am most curious about having the sim tell the plumbob about their wants!

#58 08-08-2014 
lol, there IS a negative consequence to cursing the plumbbob but I think it's funny and it doesn't hurt them at all. (Of course!) I just don't have mine do it often because it does affect other things negatively. Couldn't have cursing be a good thing!

The other 3 interactions do share some of the same animations but they're different enough to suit me. Plus, I put a coin flip in them so they won't always do the exact same thing every time. That's still only 2 possibilities for each of the 3 interactions but it should give a little bit of variety!

#59 08-08-2014 
It is now officially the religious icon that sits at the front on the church altar - in the Church of Will of the Spectacles, where they worship Will and Maxis and the Big Hand in the Sky (me). Big Grin

#60 03-03-2015 
(Kiri- I keep forgetting I even made this object! It's been sitting in my dl folder being totally ignored. Poor thing. Smile Then again, I tend to forget what I've made which makes going through the catalog a fun experience at times. "Ohhhhh, I forgot about this!" "Wow, that's right. I made this!" "Hey, I can forget about making this... since I already did!" LOL)

I'm dredging this old topic up because I'm playing around with this effect again. (I really ought to stop reading magazines and checking out decorating blogs/diy blogs.. yeah sureeeee, that'll never happen!)
I have another idea I hope to make work. Which brings me to a question, or 2 or 3 (there was a 3rd, I can't remember it now Big Grin) ...

If I want the effect to be ON at night and OFF during the day- is that as easy as changing the order of the lines in the Main BHAV? That's where I put all the daytime?, nighttime?, start and stop stuff.
Is it possible to rotate the effect so it's laying down instead of being upright? (I know how to move it to where I want it..)

WAIT! I remember the 3rd!
Can the effect be softened so it's not so bright? (Probably not since it doesn't have any TXMT, TXTR, etc.)
And, oops, that brings up a 4th:
I don't want to clone a lamp for this new object but I'd like it if sims could turn the effect off is someone would like it to be off (instead of being automatic)- can on/off be added somehow?

As I usually do, I'll be playing around with things trying to figure out what can and can't be done. And I DO remember a lot of what I learned making the plumbbob so it should be easier to teach me something new this time, lol.

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