BHAVs aren't misBHAVing but they could BHAV better
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MLC, you threadcromancer, you. Wink

1. Yes, but it's easier just to change the op codes so that line 1 points to 1041 instead of 1040, and line 2 to 1040 instead of 1041. Less work that way. Wink

2. Not the effect per se, but you could always try rotating the target slot; in theory, that should work (but it might be one of those things that only works in my head Tongue). But rotations are... tricky. It takes some tinkering/swearing/throwing things to get 'em where you want 'em.

3. Not to my knowledge, no.

4. I'll have to look into that. Normally I would say "just make a one-line BHAV to turn the effect off and then add a menu option to go with it," but chances are the effect will just turn back on again the next time the Main checks what time of day it is. Right off the bat, I'm thinking we might need to add an attribute ("should I be on?" or somesuch), that's set to 1 if the effect should be on and 0 if it should be off, and then have the Main check that attribute as well as the time (and if the attribute is set to 0, then it won't turn the effect on even if it's the right time of day). But I'll have to check that it actually works the way I think it would first. Smile

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1: I kind of figured that out, lol. See? I've learned -something- along the way. Do it the easy way, silly!
2: Gave up on that idea because the current effect is too big and rotating it wouldn't make it any smaller.
3: That's what I thought. Drat. Grrrr.
4: Well.. maybe I should just make this object a light? I'm thinking I won't find an effect to use that will fit it properly and if it's a light I can make things fit the way they need to. Getting it to turn on at night and off in the morning would be the icing on the cake. I'd even forget all about a sim being able to turn it on and off!

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LOL! For what it's worth, I always approach things from the most complicated angle possible, and then halfway through it usually hits me that "I could just have done it this way instead, and then it would have taken three seconds instead of three hours." Tongue

When you say "make it a light," do you mean changing the existing object into a light, or making a brand new one that's cloned from a light? Just so I know what we're aiming for here. Smile

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Probably be easier to start over and clone a light. Something that isn't too bright (unlike the plumbbob glow, holy cow is that glow bright!) and seems to glow more than actually light up the area. (I think I can sleep for a bit now.. so I'll get back to this new mysterious object later in the day!)

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Good, that's what I was hoping you'd say. Wink Sleep tight! I'm going to grab some late lunch myself. Smile

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(03-03-2015 01:23 PM)NixNivis Wrote:  1. Yes, but it's easier just to change the op codes so that line 1 points to 1041 instead of 1040, and line 2 to 1040 instead of 1041. Less work that way. Wink

You know, at first I had exactly the same idea? But then I thought that maybe that's a bit too simplistic, because the tests in lines 5 and 8 might also need adjustment...

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You're right, those two would need to be flipped around as well. But since MLC is going to clone a lamp instead, it's no longer an issue.
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Yeah, I changed the BHAVs like Nix said then looked at it thinking "That doesn't look quite right", so I changed it back. But I'll keep all of that in mind for future reference. Because - yes, making this object a light is most likely going to work better. (I'd like to make it light up and turn off on it's own though.)

Slept. Ate. Make this new object a lamp. Slept. Ate. Slept. Typed. Ate. Now going back to sleep. Smile Who knew a nap would turn into an all-day event!

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I should probably have looked at the BHAV in question more closely to begin with, but by the time I did you'd already said you were going to make a lamp instead, so it didn't really matter any more. I didn't see the point in going on about BHAVs that were no longer in play.

(04-03-2015 06:12 AM)mustluvcatz Wrote:  (I'd like to make it light up and turn off on it's own though.)

Do you still want it to turn on (automatically) at night and off at daytime? Or do you want it to be on during the day, like the Plumbbob? Because if it's the former... I don't know how lamps work in your game, but in mine, that's kinda what lamps do for a living. Wink Or do you mean something entirely different that I'm not getting?

(And I'd really prefer to do this by PM instead, but your choice.)


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