Help for a contest? :x
#11 08-08-2014 
(27-07-2014 11:28 PM)leefish Wrote:  Yea, the idea I think is that we sign up - and say Deb referred us. We do get the points and so on to buy things later, but only Deb gets the chance of the iPad.

Signup link :

Not only me I think, in the rules there is "every participant who provides with 10 new participants living in the listed locations will be the prizewinner and will get the iPad mini."

#12 30-04-2015 
Again there's this contest Sad This time only these countries:

Australia Metropolitan areas of: Melbourne and Sydney
Canada Metropolitan areas of: Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver
Cyprus: Nikosia, Limassol, Strovolos and Larnaka
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense
Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa
Norway: Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Frederikstad and Stokke
Portugal: Lissabon, Porto, Amadora and Braga
United States Metropolitan areas of: Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco

I'm writing "an announcement" that I'll post in various international blogs, forums, etc, in exhausting Big Grin I have to find the suitable forums now

#13 30-04-2015 
Sorry Deb, I'm not anywhere near any of those cities Sad

#14 01-05-2015 
And I'm in Sweden. In between Denmark and Norway. Tongue

#15 01-05-2015 
I, of course, am in the Netherlands, which is not even neighboring any of the mentioned regions... So forget about asking *me* for help Tongue


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