Help for a contest? :x
#1 27-07-2014 
Hi, I would like to ask you a help with a contest on Qensio.

It is a service that measures the quality of the postal service. Sometime (1-2 times per month), you will receive a letter with a code. You only have to enter this code on the site web of Qensio and write when the letter came and in what conditions.
For each letter processed on the site, you will receive points. Until now I ordered an Amazon voucher for 10€ (200 points) and a 16GB USB pendrive.

Now there is a contest: every participant who provides with 10 new participants living in the listed locations will be the prizewinner and will get the iPad mini.

Australia Metropolitan areas of: Melbourne and Sydney
Canada Metropolitan areas of: Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver
Cyprus: Nikosia, Limassol, Strovolos and Larnaka
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense
Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa
Norway: Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Frederikstad and Stokke
Portugal: Lissabon, Porto, Amadora and Braga
United States Metropolitan areas of: Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco

The new participants should agree to receive and report the following test items (detailed explanation see the registration form):

Transponder | E-Format | Packages

- The 10 new participants have passed a four-week test period in which they report the received test mail online
- The 10 new people participate at least three months and
- The 10 new people fulfill the general requirements for participants.

If you're interested and you register, for the question "How did you learn about us?" you can choose "From Qensio partecipant" and write my username,

debb in the "Remarks or names".

Thank you very much in advance :flower:
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#2 27-07-2014 
Well heck. No Holland. And we are one huge metropolitan area. Sad

#3 27-07-2014 
Maybe there are already too many Dutch participants Big Grin

#4 27-07-2014 
I'm in Melbourne, Australia if you want to include me.

#5 27-07-2014 
Thank you very much Kiri :*

#6 27-07-2014 
Yea, the idea I think is that we sign up - and say Deb referred us. We do get the points and so on to buy things later, but only Deb gets the chance of the iPad.

Signup link :

#7 27-07-2014 
Yes Lee, only who invites 10 partecipants Sad but new partecipant can, in turn, invites other 10 participants. Then in USA and UK I think there are many more possibilities, they are all over the world Big Grin

#8 28-07-2014 
Hi Deb- I don't know enough German to work out how to do it.

#9 28-07-2014 
@celebkiriedhel, you've got a little English flag to click on in the top right corner. Wink

@noiredeb, this Swede would have loved to sign up, but I get very, very wary when they ask for my phone number (and it's required, too, you can't just leave it blank). I don't mind getting mail, but I do mind getting unsolicited calls. Confused

#10 28-07-2014 
I should to create an English site Sad


Sorry, that is a members only option