New House, Maybe
#1 29-07-2014 
So since our landlady is selling our building, and we out grew this place two years ago, wekve decided to go ahead and move, whether the buyer would let us staay or not. Here is the house we are going to try to get Smile

I'm excited to move. Even if we aren't able to buy and end up renting again, it will be a house this time. We really need one. 3 kids in an apartement just doesn't really work well.
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#2 29-07-2014 
Ooh looks good jones, all the best!

#3 29-07-2014 
Good luck, Jones! That's a sweet looking house.

#4 29-07-2014 
Cute!!! I love the arches in the main living area. I've been house hunting for a year now.... waiting for our place to sell (wanna move to sunny central Florida? Our listing)

I really love the older houses - especially from the 20's. *sigh* While waiting, I've seen several "favorites" sell - and for great prices too!
I need more land - I do not want to see my neighbor's house. (Or have them park their cars in front of MY house!) And please, NO blasted HOA crap!
Good luck! I hope you find the home of your dreams Celebrate

Have you discovered, and They are great internet house-searching databases. You can learn a lot about the area and the particular house (click through to tax records, etc) and see many different 'views' of the properties.
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#5 29-07-2014 
Will have to check those sites out, Cat.

#6 29-07-2014 
This is a cute house Jones! Happy move! Smile

#7 29-07-2014 
it's kinda sim-like in a good way
and if it feels right thenBig Grin

#8 29-07-2014 
Its a great little house and seems a good price. I hope you get it Big Grin

#9 29-07-2014 
OK. I want to move there - even I could afford that! (The flat I'm currently living in is worth $265K)

I really hope you can get that Jones.

#10 30-07-2014 
Ooooh, how bad is it that my first thoughts were "Get rid of the porch fence since there are plenty of nice white ones available.. plant some flowering bushes, not the oleander though since it only comes in 1 color.." Big Grin The porch fence is logical though- a bit of white paint? Maybe. Don't know what to tell you about the oleanders though!

3 kids in an apartment. *shudders* (Never mind the fact that we live in an apartment and there's 3 kids! But it's 2 story and big enough.) Typing with crossed fingers is difficult but I'm crossing them for you!


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