Pics gone wrong
#1 10-08-2014 
So there I was, quietly playing with my sims. Jolene and Charlotte were swapping recipes and I was thinking of getting a nice picture for my game album when suddenly - HALLO PHIL.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2011]

Thank you Phil Jitmakusol.

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#2 10-08-2014 
Bwahahahahahahahaha Rofl

#3 10-08-2014 
Photobomb Phil!! Any closer and he'd have walked right into the camera and squished his nose. Big Grin

#4 10-08-2014 
hahaha, selfie fail!

#5 14-08-2014 
He has that "Yeah, that's right. I'm watching you." look in his eyes. Big Grin


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