Ollie - New Dog
#1 12-08-2014 
Here is the latest edition to the family. Although he isn't quite that new. Got him about 6 weeks ago. LOL

[Image: Bulg23NCAAABcZU.jpg]

Ollie is on the left and Harvey is on the right. Ollie is 5.
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#2 13-08-2014 
Their coat is so shiny. Your little sweeties are most certainly healthy. ^_^

#3 13-08-2014 
I love the look in their eyes... Mummy do you have treats for us?

They are beautiful! Smile

#4 13-08-2014 
What a cutiepie Big Grin They really are adorable!

#5 13-08-2014 
They're both gorgeous! Big Grin I grew up with a black Lab, so I have a very soft spot for them. Just don't tell my dog (she's a mini schnauzer). Wink

#6 13-08-2014 
Woah! How do you get them to keep their tongues inside their mouths? My big black lab - the great American love-hound - just can't keep his tongue away from my skin Rolleyes
I love him though.

Your guys look very sweet. Congrats! Give 'em an extra treat from me too - K?
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