NOV/DEC Challenge - Winter Theme
#1 04-11-2014 
This one is a little different to what we've normally done - it's still a decorating challenge (because those seem to be your favourites. Big Grin )

And we've got two months to do this one in - because I know how busy December can get.

Winter is my favourite season. It's cold, there's snow, it's dark and I don't need any excuses to stay indoors. Smile So the theme is winter.

We have so many wonderful builders and decorators - and what I'd like to do is between us all, make the beginnings of a winter-only vacation hood. Smile based on Three Lakes.
You can either pick a lot and make it over - or replace it entirely with something the same size. Note not all the lots are flat edged.

5 community lots
Wallowa Park (30x40)
Three lakes Market (40x50)
Lumber Mill Range (60x40)
Three Lakes Plaza (50x20)
Smooth Rock Spa (40x30)

Three Lakes cabins (50x40) $$
Sky Vista Hotel (50x50) $$$$$ -- Kiri
Hunters Bedrock Inn (40x30) $$ -- Shasta
Blau Hills Resort (60x40) $$$ -- Jones, Karen
Axe Woods Campgrounds (60x50) Free

2 residences for sale
Copper Ranch Retreat (30x30)
Villa di Simoleon (40x40)

The theme is Alpine/European. think Pine trees, Skiing, skating and other winter sports.

A page to inspire you (and it's Prague, so it's beautiful) : Prague Christmas including Christmas Markets

For people who don't want to build or decorate - there's other tasks!
a. Create CC that can be used.
b. Find CC that can be used.
c. Share your favourite Winter memory.

In particular - skiing, snow tubing, and any other winter-themed mods or CC. Also anything that's European Winter traditions - like the Christmas markets, the Gavle goat from Sweden, St Lucia, etc, etc. with so many nations represented on Leefish, I think it would be really cool to share our winter with each other.
[Image: 62409_14110408484710596.jpg]
[Image: 62410_141104085223windmill_ice_skater.jpg]
[Image: 62411_1411040855091618_dutch_cottage_canvey_island.jpg]
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#2 04-11-2014 
eep! This sounds fun, like SUPER-fun Big Grin What a great challenge and starting points and ideas, kiri! I'm looking forward to seeing what people do and hopefully I can share something too Tongue

#3 05-11-2014 
Deco skis here:
Snow terrain paints:
Ice walls and floors:

Are TSR links allowed? Because they've got some icicles...

#4 05-11-2014 
I'm happy for that Esme. Just not Paysites. Lee may have other thoughts? But work on the basis that it's ok until we know otherwise.

#5 05-11-2014 
This is such a great idea Big Grin Now excuse me, I need to go decorate/make a list and check it twice Wink

#7 05-11-2014 
Ooh, I like this theme! Big Grin I just might have to jump in.

Also, gold star for knowing about the Gävle goat! Hmm, maybe I should make one... in two variations, one that's untouched and one that's on fire. Tongue

#8 05-11-2014 
I love following the Gavle Goat! Big Grin That would be so wonderful if you did!

#9 06-11-2014 
I just might have to jump in on this one as well! I love winter!! (of course, living in a desert climate does make me a bit more, um, shall we say, longing for snow! ha ha)

What if someone picks the same lot? Does it matter?

Oh! Over on MTS they're allowing TSR Sims 2 stuff because TSR has made all of their Sims 2 creations free, so I wouldn't think it would be a problem. Wink

#10 06-11-2014 
Puppetfish - just let people know what lot you are doing - and I'll put your name next to it so if people don't want to double up, they don't have to. Of course, it doesn't actually matter. Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option