Configuration new PC
#11 23-11-2014 
Yeah, /me is curious too... Big Grin

#12 24-11-2014 
Hi, I bought mobo MSI A88XM-E45 and APU A10 7700k. I'm playing with Sims 4, with medium details it's ok but with high there's some lag (obviously).

Image from game is dark Sad

[Image: A4theSw.png]

Test video with medium details Big Grin

#13 24-11-2014 
Deb - did it work doing what BO said and just swapping the HD over to the new mobo?

#14 24-11-2014 
Ah ops, sorry, I did format Sad I didn't try if old Windows worked (too afraid broke something Big Grin ), I read around that I had to perhaps reinstall new drivers but also was possible blue screen of death backup, format and go Big Grin

#15 24-11-2014 
Silly... You could have just backed up and try it anyway. If anything bad happened, you could still have reformatted the drive and start over. But now you'll never know if it would've worked... Tongue

#16 24-11-2014 
I had to do anyway format (every few months I clean all). With badly installed programs, files everywhere, etc. (I'm messy and accumulation useless stuff) I did not understand anything. Every time I format I say "this time I do a good person and I always keep in order the PC, do not add unnecessary things etc", but it always goes wrong.. :x


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