My Daughters let's Play
#1 20-11-2014 
So my daughter turned 13 last week and has bugged me for her own Youtube channel ever since! So we have given her one and she did her first Sims 2 let's Play today. It' isn't great, but if you would take a look it would mean a lot to her.
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#2 20-11-2014 
I've started watching, and I've commented. Smile

It's fun because she's really enthusiastic and enjoying it. Smile

How does she record it?

#3 20-11-2014 
Hi Kiri, thank you so much for commenting on my video. I record it on the ipad. (Sarah)

Kiri, she is over the moon to get your comment. Right now she is just facing the ipad at the screen, we don't have any proper recording software. (Jo)

#4 20-11-2014 
What a wonderful first effort! WOW! My daughter would really love to be doing that as well... but, she's only 10 - and her mean old Mommy won't let her have a youTube account yet. *sniffle*

I love that you're having fun, and your sims are too. Great job Big Grin

#5 20-11-2014 
Not mean at all Cat, legally you have to be 13 to have a YouTube account and Sarah knew that! I use to say it so she would have no reason to bug me for one, because I couldn't give her one, but of course as soon as she turned 13 it was on!

Thank you for those comments, she was super excited to see them this morning.

#6 20-11-2014 
Sorry, I don't have a YouTube account, Sarah thank you, you put a big smile on my face this morning. Big Grin

#7 21-11-2014 
ok, am very impressed Big Grin for screen recorder software there is Gadwin screen recorder? But it looks fine with the iPad solution.

I also left a comment.

#8 21-11-2014 
I know, she told me. Big Grin Thank you all so much. Heart You would think the kid had won the lottery by how excited she is by each comment.


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