Beds and Animations
#11 10-12-2015 
* fanseelamb reads necromancy spell aloud 3 times.....


So I was googling, looking for an air mattress or sofa bed type bed for a sim who is crashing in another sim's house..... and google led me to this thread. Which I somehow never saw before. I realize it's old but did you ever get this finished, Klaartje? It looks pretty awesome in your pic.

#12 10-12-2015 
You are the second person in three days to ask about this. I guess it's a sign Tongue
Anyway, I haven't finished this, because of all the issues mentioned above and others. You guys have convinced me to give it another try Smile

#13 10-12-2015 
There are sofa beds on ATS2.

#14 11-12-2015 
* CatherineTCJD knows NOTHING about anything, but still wants to appear helpful Angel

Have you looked at HL's Hemnes daybed - I think it can be both a sitting place and a bed. (I'm not sure, seeing as I haven't actually 'played' yet... *sigh*)
Anywho... good luck! This looks like a terrific idea Big Grin

#15 20-12-2015 
Shameless self-promotion: bed is finished!

#16 20-12-2015 
That looks really good, klaartje!

#17 20-12-2015 
Awesome!! Thankyou Klaartje!

#18 20-12-2015 
Ooh ooh ooh it's awesome! Thank you, Klaartje!!! Heart


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