Beds and Animations
#1 06-03-2015 
I have been working on making a single sofabed using the IKEA Klippan Sofa.

[Image: 64232_150306084800Screen%20Shot%20234.JPG]

What I've managed to do, thanks to Nix and Michelle, is lower the matress using the CRES. I've moved the frame up in Milkshape to counteract that translation. My problem is that the 'getting into bed'-animation has not shifted. Lifting the blankets/pillow/sitting down/lying down all happens at the original height. Once the sim is in the lying position, she drops down to the correct height.
I've had a look at Inge's bunkbeds and these have the same issue. Now that I'm writing this down I realize that fixing this would be a BHAV-thing, wouldn't it? Would it mean creating a whole new animation? Since the sims would have to bend lower, etc. I'm slowly starting to realize that this is a somewhat complicated thing Tongue
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#2 06-03-2015 
The problem is that, in order to play the animation at the right height, the sim would either need to bend through its knees more - which would require a completely new animation - or it would need to start the animation from a lower position, i.e. with its feet in the ground.

So, no, it's NOT a BHAV thing. And yes, it would require a new animation. Smile

#3 06-03-2015 
Thanks BO Smile I was afraid of that, you've explained it a bit more clearly than the fuzzy thoughts I was thinking. Quite frankly, I'm not sure if I want to invest the time into creating a whole new animation...

ETA: Just to be sure, I don't mean that I'm expecting you guys to come with a quick-and-easy-solution, just that I'm trying to decide between accepting the floating-in-air or making it correct height which has its own oddities Smile
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#4 07-03-2015 
I think you're better off leaving things the way they are, @Klaartje. Smile

#5 07-03-2015 
Okay just adding my 2¢ worth her. Would it be possible to make the sofa taller and raise the bed?

#6 07-03-2015 
Michelle - the good thing about Klaartje's sofa beds is that they can also be used as a sofa - so that can happen but then the sim is sitting up in the air.

#7 07-03-2015 
Thanks for letting me know Kiri, I didn't realise that it doubled up like that. What a great idea!

#8 07-03-2015 
Yeah Michelle - we've been talking about it in chat - that's the only reason why I know. Big Grin You know me, Karen and Klaartje talk about all sorts of things in there! Big Grin

#9 07-03-2015 
I had gathered it from looking at the pic in the top post... It clearly looked like a sofa-bed to me (or at least a mattress on a sofa), so I imagined that it was meant to serve both purposes Big Grin

#10 07-03-2015 
Lol, you guys are too kind Big Grin
I was going for the look, I have no clue whatsoever yet if it is even remotely possible to make them act as a sofa and a bed!


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