in 12 days it will be my birthday.
#11 20-05-2015 
Happy Birthday dear Kiri! Smile Indeed, 9+12, but Australia is already on Thursday, which I forgot about! hehe

#12 20-05-2015 
Happy Birthday Kiri! Have a chocolate cake to celebrate your special day Smile

[Image: 65228_150520155813chococake.jpg]

#13 20-05-2015 
This one looks particularly appetizing, Klaartje!

#14 20-05-2015 
Wow it sure does.

* fanseelamb searches for a "Print Cake" button

#15 21-05-2015 
Happy Birthday, Kiri!

Make sure you use a 3D printer, sheep!

#16 21-05-2015 
Happy Birthday (again) Kiri!

As I couldn't make you do a TS4 or TS3 conversion for some reason ( Wink ), I thought it would be nice to create a house for you instead. And here it is. A product *quite* typical from my Lorraine region of France.
It's not fully furnished (only the bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen), but it's entirely built! Tongue

Hope you'll like it!

It requires only TS2 Double Deluxe + Mansion & Garden. It contains a medium-sized amount of custom content.

Kisses Heart

(hope I'm allowed to post my creation here, Lee'?) Blush

Here the link to (file is too big to be put on LeeFish):

[Image: 3c4x.jpg]

[Image: 39nd.jpg]

[Image: fkkm.jpg]

[Image: vy4z.jpg]

[Image: cqpy.jpg]

[Image: aelg.jpg]

[Image: muyc.jpg]

#17 21-05-2015 
Happy Birthday, Kiri! Many happy returns!

I am a slow thinker and it took me too long to think of something I wanted, so no request from me. But I hope you are having a lovely birthday, and yes you can still celebrate for another (checks watch) 28.5 hours because that is when it will stop being your birthday where I am.

* esmeiolanthe offers Kiri imaginary angel food cake

#18 21-05-2015 
Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns, Kiri!

I must already have everything I need, because I can never think of what to ask for. Not for myself, anyway. Not even for my *own* birthday - which, thank the big thing in the sky, went by unmentioned this year - let alone for somebody else's.
So what I ask for is that *you* just have the best day ever, and a better day after that, and a better day after that... until there are no more days.

#19 21-05-2015 
Dear, dear leefishers. Thankyou for your birthday wishes it's made me cry again (I spent a lot of my birthday crying for having flu/depression reasons) but this one is a good one because I can feel your love and good wishes. You are very dear people to me - special in ways I think some of you don't even realise. Thankyou for being my friends. Smile

Poisson - you are wonderful. You made my day by asking for stuff (and I will work out how to do it, but without a deadline - so it may be months). Your house is beautiful and unique - I love it. I will definitely be using it because it's just the sort of house I would like in my more expensive part of my hood... but you know that means I'll want you to make more so I can have a matching area. Smile

Karen - the completed veggie bins are on the way.

MLC - any maxis recolours you want done will be my pleasure to do. Although sometimes I tear my hair out when it comes to maxis recolours, the satisfaction of kicking it's butt and getting something reasonable out of it is actually quite addictive. Smile

Fansee - Does that mean you want to drink my blood, replace it with flowers and love and then drink it again? Or are you sharing me a good red? LOL

Klaartje - thanks for the Birthday cake. Chocolate is a very good flavour for a birthday cake. Smile I'm with Fansee and Jones - that needs a 3D printer with chocolate facilities. Big Grin

Esme - thanks for the angel cake. Smile

BO - thankyou for those wishes. I appreciate them greatly.

#20 21-05-2015 
Adding my birthday wishes to the pile. Flower Since we chatted on the day, I don't feel that bad about being late. Wink

*hugs you lots and lots and lots*


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