Want a free game?
#1 10-06-2015 
Hiya fishies Big Grin Art of War Gaming will be hosting another giveaway for a free Steam game of the winners choice (up to $50) sometime soon-ish. I'm giving you all a heads up because you have to use site currency to "buy" an entry. Site currency is earned by site activity, posting etc. So sign up now, post/comment a bit here and there, and you'll have enough artBucks (site currency) to get an entry in no time Big Grin Hope to see you there!
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#2 10-06-2015 
yea, I also should post there, free games from steam and all we have to do is post?

#3 10-06-2015 
Yup. Just post. Don't think you can't join and post if you don't play any of the games mentioned on the site, there's an "off topic" forum as well Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option