Modded skunk
#1 20-08-2015 
I was wondering if anybody had a modded skunk for sims 2 as a pet. Could also fend off robbers too I guess. One that uses the actual skunk model.
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#3 20-08-2015 
yeah something kinda like that. Isn't there just a way to copy the skunk and renaming it? As well as changing the behavior to it?

#4 20-08-2015 
There are several skunks on this page at MTS

#5 21-08-2015 
yeah I saw those but was looking for one that used the same skunk shape and animation.

#6 21-08-2015 
Well, that is why I linked you to the thread I did. It doesnt exist and that thread does discuss why Smile

#7 21-08-2015 
ooo ok I got it now. I don't see why you couldn't copy the shape and animation and just rename them.

#8 21-08-2015 
Copying the shape shouldn't be too hard. The skunk is actually just a cat with a special skin/coat. The rest, however... The animation and all the other stuff that makes the skunk differ from normal cats, also makes it impossible to use it as a pet, or to have more than one of it in the game.

I must admit that I didn't read the discussion that Lee linked to. So what I said above, is just my own uninformed assessment of the situation. I suppose I can't be too far off, though.

#9 21-08-2015 
why not take the animation part and just rename it? However seeing a robber getting sprayed would be funny to see Smile

#10 21-08-2015 
Ummmm.... didn't you ask that same question in the previous post as well? Did I not answer that already?

The right file for each animation is very hard to find, and very few people know how to deal with them. Really, VERY FEW. I know of only one modder who did an acceptable animation job once, being @NixNivis if I'm not mistaken. And even that was, according to her own posts about it, quite a complicated task that took her a long time to get right.

When I used the word*impossible* in my previous message, I wasn't joking. The Sims 2 has existed for more than a decade now, and of all the modders and creators that exist out there - *including* all those incredibly skilled masters such as Chris Hatch, TwoJeffs, Pescado, Squinge, Inge, and anyone else you can imagine - not even ONE has succeeded in properly cloning the skunk as a pet yet. And that isn't for lack of requests, because you're not the only one who wants one. I've seen such requests on MTS, PBK and Simbology as well, and the answer has always been the same: "sorry, but that's impossible!"

Ok, maybe not exactly impossible, but it would be so incredibly much work that nobody wants to try. Me? I would have loved to try, but I only know about code. Not about graphics, animations, sounds and all that other stuff. So I'm afraid that it's never ever happening, sorry!


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