wants and fears
#1 01-09-2015 
Is there a way of restoring the games wants and fears? They seemed to have been wiped out Sad
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#2 02-09-2015 
More explanation please - which part is wiped out. I'm assuming that this is Sims 2.

Are the icons not showing? Are the wants fears panel missing?

If it's the icons not showing, but wants/fears are going ok - the likelihood is that you've got something in game that is overriding the icons.
The way to test that is to open up a vanilla game and see if that has wants and fears ok.
(what I mean when I say a vanilla game)

If it shows up there - then it's overriding the icons texture, and you'll need to do a search to find the offending CC.
If it doesn't show up there - then the icons package in your game has corrupted.

You're probably going to be stuck doing a re-install of your game.

#3 02-09-2015 
If it's the icons themselves that are corrupted, and you have to do a complete reinstall, you can copy your neighborhood folders and your downloads folders (and probably your 'saved sims' folders too, if you have anything from there) so that you dont lose ALL your personal data. However, if something in the Hood folder or Downloads folder caused the corruption, you may risk re-contamination.

It's worth a try. You should ALWAYS back up your Neighborhood(s?) and Downloads folders anyway... Really, at this point, there's nothing to lose.


#4 02-09-2015 
Thanks guys but I think this goes deeper then just icons missing (which they are) Call me crazy but I don't really mind losing everything. Yeah sad to see it happen but it gives me a fresh start. I did try removing some of my newer mods but that didn't work either.

#5 02-09-2015 
Where is the file for the icons?

#6 03-09-2015 
OK sooo good news is the icons are working normally and I don't get any errors any more. Bad news is I can't get Pleasantville or whatever it's called back Sad I think it may have corrupted:9 Is there a way to some how magically restore it?

#7 03-09-2015 
Yup - Pleasantview is easily gotten back.

Rename - your "The Sims 2' folder under my documents and run the game - it will regenerate a new Pleasantview.

If you've put clean hoods into your program files games - then you'll need to restore them somehow.

#8 04-09-2015 
ok I got everything back Smile Lost a few things I think however the non default characters are still but show as unplayable in simpe. It seems like some of them lost there want and fear file .Is there a way of making a want and fear file in simpe for them?


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