Possible new netbook/lappy for me.
#1 13-11-2015 

Will this run an all EP/SP Sims 2 game with minimal CC?
That's ALL it's gonna do. Well, and maybe check my email... and play a Mahj game or two. Angel

My old netbook - which was pretty whimpy - died of a cracked screen. NOW is the big art-show/festival season for me - I'm gonna die without it Sad

Thank you any and all who have advice
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#2 14-11-2015 
There are 3 things in the graphic rules that the game looks at for whether it can run at high resolution.

1. CPU - if it's a single core - it needs 3MHz
2. RAM - it needs 512Mb
3. GPU - 32Mb

This one is a dual core at 2.4MHz = 4.8MHz - big tick.
It has 4G ram - big tick.
GPU = max 328Mb - which is kind of a tick... I'll explain why.

According to - http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Graph...883.0.html - it can only cope with Sims3 on low detail. it's struggling on medium, and it goes poof on high.

Now Sims 3 base game is more needy than Sims 2 graphically, but only just. What that means for us, is that you'll be able to run the Sims 2 on high on this notebook, but you will have to be careful about how much you play, and how much CC you add, because it will start going crunchy if it's overloaded. But none of these effects will occur straight away - it'll be a long term degradation. Summary? Your notebook will not last as long.
The other thing about it, is that it isn't dedicated memory, so as you fill up your notebook with stuff, it will start competing with paging when you get close to the upper limit. (Lag problems). So you'd have to keep your CC lean, and make sure that there is at least 5-6G available.

It would be a great notebook for Sims2 Life Stories (pet, castaway)... but if I was getting it for Sims 2 - I probably wouldn't, I'd be looking at finding one with a little more Graphics Processing Unit grunt. For sims, I'd be looking at least 500Mb or greater.

#3 14-11-2015 
OK - Thanks! Big Grin It's a pretty good "deal" - but, not if it's gonna barf up my Sims.
Truly all I want is to play/build with minimum CC and all EP/SPs. I don't really even need internet...

I'll keep looking. Thank you for giving some clear guidelines on what to be looking for.
I've read all the stuff over at MTS2 about getting an appropriate machine - and it all got confuzzled in my brain. I really appreciate your help Heart

#4 14-11-2015 
It was a lovely deal - and if you were using it for other things ... like maj, or bubble iq - I'd say go for it.

It may be worth asking if you could upgrade the GPU a bit to see how much more it would cost. Even if you could get a card that had dedicated memory that would be an improvement.

#5 14-11-2015 
Kiri, your tips are so incredibly precise and helpful. You handle these questions directly and reasonably, and not full of tech jargon. I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have you around. =) i've had graphical issues with my game in the past, and could never get a straight answer as to what was going on. I dont wanna hijack Catherine's thread, but I just felt like you should know! You're a peach! (or as shasta might call you, a 'fineapple') =)



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