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Fishmas 2015 - Day 8
O Swim All Ye Fishies,
Joyful and triumphant,
O swim ye, o swim ye to our fishbowl
Come and be merry,
Dance and have a party;
O come, let us feast all night,
O come, let us feast all night,
O come, let us feast all night,
in our fishbowl.

The "Starter Supreme" is a little house with everything!
Except CC - well, that was the goal anyway. Three pieces of CC did make it into the file. But, they are pieces most everyone has already (I hope!)

They are:
PFish's Invisible smoke alarm (MTS2)
HugeLunatic's backless tub/shower (MTS2)
and, pbox's 1-tile Country Shuttered Window

Lot size = 2X2 (or 20X30)
Price: 19,436
Zoned: Residential, and on a completely flat lot.

The house includes everything your sim will need: a full bathroom, bed, wardrobe, alarm clock, bookcase, chairs, table, stove, fire alarm, sink, fridge, garbage can, telephone, lights - and even a dishwasher! There is also a TV, a chess table, and a dart board. Poor sims need fun too Big Grin

What there is NOT - there is no burglar alarm, no computer, no microwave, no coffee-maker, exercise equipment, instruments, or stereo. The driveway looks like it's there, but it's not. Also, any artwork/decorations that you want will need to be added.
x 22

Do what'cha like - just keep 'em FREE ;)

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#9 08-12-2015
Cute sushi santas.

#10 08-12-2015
Another beautiful gift!

#11 10-12-2015
Mmmmm... I love sushi!

Thanks <3

#12 11-12-2015
Thank you SantaFish! Heart


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