Understanding primitives
#51 12-02-2016 
Maybe it vanished into the vast corners of the internet space Tongue I'm afraid I didn't quite understand your reply. What do you mean by that I didn't test Stack Object? I wasn't trying to test stack object, I was trying to find what argument to use to make the game understand it should test room for the object in question, and it seemed plausible that the stack object would be the one the interaction is on. I suppose by using it I am testing if it contains what I want, but I don't think that's what you meant. I also don't understand the last part about not permanently changing the contents in the process. Permanently change which contents in which process? Hope you don't mind clarifying for me Smile

#52 12-02-2016 
As you put it, in your own words, you tested Stack Object ID. So that is why I said all that. In the end, we obviously meant the same thing but misunderstood each other.

What I meant by 'permanently changing its contents' is, that with an expression like Stack Object ID := *something*, you could have a different value in the object, that causes other parts of the BHAV to go wrong. If you know exactly what's in Stack Object and how to put it back, it's still risky, but if you're careful you can change it. But if you *don't* know what's in there, you shouldn't try changing it.

In this case you didn't change anything, but I just wanted to give general warning for future occasions.

Oh and by the way: I don't ever mind being asked for clarification. I'd rather have you ask an extra question so you ultimately understand what I meant, than having you remain silent, misunderstand my explanation and then go horribly wrong. If I'm trying to help you, I don't want you to end up hating me for steering you wrong. So, if you don't know, do yourself a favor and ASK!!!

#53 12-02-2016 
Oh, okay Smile I don't intend to mess with changing stack object any time soon, I still barely understand what it does. But I'm glad I got it right this time, I'll start prepping it for upload when I have time Smile I do usually ask if I'm confused, but I'll remember what you said Smile I wouldn't hate you just because things go wrong, but things get a lot easier if you are sure you understood correctly to begin with.


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