Problem with Screen Capture software, Windows 10, and Sims 2
#11 08-01-2016 
@leefish there is no compatibility view I can find in Windows 10 Sad

@BoilingOil I would rather play full screen as well...

@fanseelamb I would prefer to play in full screen but none of the programs I have tried will capture anything except my desktop screen. I've poked through settings, googled it, can't find a fix so far. I downloaded Fraps and maybe I was too tired to figure it out but I gave up on it immediately. I may try again. I installed Irfanview but can't figure out how to get a full screen shot either.

I even logged into the XBox app and tried Game App. I can get windowed shots but not full screen. I read that if you play in windowed mode and tell Game app you are playing a game, that it should remember if you go full screen. It doesn't. I'm also wondering if TS2 disables certain keyboard commands?

Last resort is to continue playing windowed much as I would prefer not to. Thank you all for the suggestions. I am going to keep trying.

#12 09-01-2016 
The good news is I can get Gadwin 4.7 to take screen shots in Client Window mode with the game running windowed. No borders to crop out. No success with full screen but I like Gadwin so I guess I will use windowed mode for now. I am going to reach out to some gamer friends who post game screenshots and see how they manage in Win10. If I have success, I will post my findings.

Thanks again for the feedback!

#13 09-01-2016 
gfitz - can you do me a favour?

Do you launch the game from a shortcut? if so, can you select properties and take a screen shot of what it looks like? I've had a few people say they can't do shortcut things, and I don't have Windows 10, so I can't see what they're talking about.

#14 09-01-2016 
(08-01-2016 09:16 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  Have you tried FRAPS?

I have, long ago... The fact that I'm apparently not using it now, can only mean that it didn't perform either, although I do not remember the details. I could try again, but I'm not holding my breath that it'll work.

#15 09-01-2016 
Bureaublad Samenstelling... that sounds like a distant cousin of Goopy Gilscarbo. =)

#16 09-01-2016 
Hehe, yup, maybe it does to people who don't understand Dutch. It is actually a literal translation of Desktop Composition, though.


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