Sims 2 crashing
#21 27-02-2016 

Can you generate another config-log.txt for after you added the cards? I can see whether they took or not. To be honest, the stuff you are talking about with going through Origin sounds like the cards did not take.

Also can you confirm that you put both the graphic rules.sgr and the video cards.sgr in

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

Also - Can you tell me exactly what you are doing when you play the game through origin - is that on your desktop computer? or is it on some other machine.

Also - I suspect that when you play through origin, it does a repair which means that it overwrites the graphic rules and video cards.sgr - so if you could put the 2 cards back in and run it only through your desktop computer.

#22 27-02-2016 
The date at the top of the file is 20/02. Have you put the file in BOTH folders? also, lets try and fix one computer at a time.

#23 27-02-2016 
Also, the filedate on the attachment isn't necessarily the filedate of the source file in the folder. Don't look at the date of the attachment. Look at the date in the Logs folder instead.

#24 27-02-2016 
here is my config log now. i just played it yesterday so... it actually let me choose some things, but still crashed half way through cas... and yes i put those two files into the two correct places... im also going through desktop when starting my game... it is a laptop, windows 8.1...i know theres been isues with laptops working before, but ive checked and my system should be good enough

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#25 28-02-2016 
@hannahbear1128 Oddly, the first line in that logs states that it was created at feb 21st. It's now one week later. Is your system date a week slow??

#26 28-02-2016 

It's not picking it up - you can see that because of the 'not found in database' next to the graphics card in the text file. So it's not in the right place.

1. Did you put them back in there after you did it through Origin?
2. can I have a screenshot of your whole screen - of your log folder.
3. Also I need a screen shot of folder where the actual programs are - where you installed the graphic rules and video cards.sgr.


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