Bug with Custom Oven
#1 12-03-2016 

Someone suggested that I post here for help with a problem I'm having.

I'm getting a bug with this oven here http://www.sims2workshop.com/index.php?p...adID=1099, which is really annoying me. Any food that is served in a bowl comes floating on a plate instead; that's mentioned in the description. But I'm also getting this error whenever a child tries to eat a bowl food from the oven.

Can anyone help with this? I really wanted my sim kids to be able to make cereal in particular, so it's really annoying.

.txt  ObjectError_N006_t673339.txt (Size: 91.72 KB / Downloads: 697)
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#2 12-03-2016 
Your url is incomplete.

#3 12-03-2016 
Hi again @charity,

In addition to Lee's remark, I believe that the error log isn't complete, either. Also, most modders would prefer the error-log as an attachment, so they can load it in their text editor offline, and don't need to read it from their browser. The added advantage is, that people who need it will be able to download it, while others don't see the wall of text that they can't use anyway Wink

#4 13-03-2016 
Hmm, copy/paste you have failed me. I redid the url and attached the full error log (I didn't have the full one before because they're so long and filled with what looks to me like random stuff XD).

#5 13-03-2016 
Yes dear, that's another reason why we prefer them as attachment: so long that c&p doesn't get all of it, filled with soooo much seemingly random, boring crud that nobody wants to see it, unless they know what they're reading. But now you've fixed it. Thanks on behalf of all of us Smile

#6 19-03-2016 
So, noone has any ideas?

#7 19-03-2016 
Sorry, dear. None so far on this end... Sad

#8 20-03-2016 
Okay, thanks anyway. Looks like I'll just have to remove my bowl foods.


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