Maxis Base Game Computers Disappearing From Catalog?
#1 09-04-2016 

I've recently decided to play only with The Sims 2 Double Deluxe for a challenge, but I have still some CC in my Downloads folder.

And I noticed a weird thing, that is probably linked with some piece of CC?

Actually, all the Maxis Base Game computers were missing in the object catalog. I searched everywhere else as well as in Electronics>infinite symbol, but noting.

Anyone has an idea why?

Thanks! Smile

[Image: ubh5.png]

EDIT: I also use Phaenoh's Catalog Clean Mod, but even if I remove these files, the PCs are still missing.

[Image: ycsd.png]
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#2 09-04-2016 
You *did* try taking out the CC computers to make sure they're not overwriting the Maxis computers, right?

#3 09-04-2016 
There's a function in SimPE somewhere that lets you check for conflicting GUIDs. I used it to locate a piece of CC that was overwriting one of the maxis televisions. I don't remember how I did it though, I'll see if I can find it. You could also do a 50/50, though that takes a lot longer Smile

Edit: Here you go, wiki article on finding guid conflicts.

#4 09-04-2016 
Yes, 'Catz, I tried to take out two of my subfolders: folder with Fixes & Mods, and folder with Electronics CC.

The very weird thing is that when I remove these two folders, then, I find myself without the least computer! They are totally absent. :o

Thanks for the tip, Gummi', will first try with SimPE's special function. If I don't find anything, I'm afraid that I will have to do a 50/50. Big Grin

Thanks to both! Smile

#5 09-04-2016 
Actually, a 50/50 won't even be necessary: :O

I removed *all* the custom content from my Downloads folder, and... this is what I get:

[Image: 9b0b.png]

What option do I have then? :/

#6 09-04-2016 
Oops, it's worse than I could have imagined: I told myself "well, let's uninstall the game, and reinstall it"... But it's the same thing: no computer. I think there must have been a serious problem with a piece of CC which has partially broken my game. Sad

#7 09-04-2016 
When you say, only playing with Double Deluxe, what do you mean? Did you uninstall other EPs/SPs? Are you using AGS? Did you install Double Deluxe on a PC that you haven't installed any of the other EPs on? I think I remember something about AGS and basegame computers.... Google is failing me tonight, will try again tomorrow Smile

#8 09-04-2016 
I purchased years ago, Double Deluxe on Origin. So, I download it from Origin. (+a copy of Holiday Stuff found on the net)

I've just reinitialized my entire PC (uninstall and reinstall Windows 10). Sad Fortunately, I have many USB drivers to put my files on. So, now I have a clean Windows 10, I'm gonna reinstall Double Deluxe, but won't do anything with that copy of Holiday Stuff as well as with any sort of CC until I know what was going wrong. I count on LeeFishers now. Tongue
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#9 11-04-2016 
Does anyone think that I have to upload (or to show in private) a list of my CC? Perhaps am I using some CC that is not compatible with only Double Deluxe version? Indeed, while I tried to "scan" visually my CC folder (that I used in Complete Collection), to discard the non NL&Celeb'-compatible, there must have been one or more piece(s) that I didn't notice... Hence the missing computers?

Also, is the modified GraphicRules file compatible with Double Deluxe?

#10 12-04-2016 
After a (big) work, I think I've figured out two things:

either this one is wrong (1.), or those ones (2.):


2. the whole smallhouse collection:

Now, the problem is that I've already reinstalled Windows 10 and I won't do this again in such a short time, and I've the two base game computers missing... So, I need help: how can this Smallhouse collection can make my computer disappear? (I'm positive it's rather this one) And how can I change what make the PCs disappear, without uninstalling Double Deluxe (because, anyway, even if I reinstall it, the PCs won't be back - the only radical solution having been reinstalling Windows) :> thanks for your help! Big Grin

EDIT: I've found a *temporary* solution: I cloned the two objects via SimPE and I have now them with the CC star. Don't even know why they still appeared in SimPE whereas they didn't in-game.
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