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Hi everybody!!

It's been a LONG time since I was here but I decided to get back into sims 2 UC. I need some help with something. Is there a way I can have a community lot into a residential? I tried the cheats and everything but no luck. Also is there a way to have ALL the default items open for both housing and lots? I'm trying to create a store/house combo. I want the works of the store but the perks of a home such as having pets allowed to come in and all that.
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The only way to have a store in a residential lot, is by having a family open a home business while already living there. THEN the majority of comm lot objects also come available for use at the residential, while the residential functions remain available. Or maybe you should check out MogHughson's work at MTS. She has some way of mixing residential and comm lot functions in a single lot, I believe.

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I was thinking of doing the home business thing. However I was wanting to use the Planetary pet store as a starting point but it's a com lot. I tried the cheats and download the mailbox and trash can trick but none worked out. Is there a way to mod the store so it can become a res house in my collection while still having a copy of it as a com lot?

EDIT: If I do a home business I won't be able to hire people, right?
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I'm sorry, but I can't really answer your question about the lot being turned into a residential while keeping a comm lot copy of it.

As for home businesses, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to hire employees. I have done that in the past, without any problems. Now I choose not to, but that's not because it would be impossible.

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You are correct about the home business. It might be possible to do it you rename it something else other then the existing name of it.

EDIT: Also some of the items that I want are com only and don't show up for home business. I'm looking for the pet collars, the waiter stands, and the counters with the paw prints on it. This there maybe a way to mod them to be open for both or to copy them and make them show for homes?

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You can hire people in a home business

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I do remember there being a mod to allow all comm-lot objects being bought in a home business. Please hold on while I have a look. Be right back... Ah, yes...

There you go: Ioba's "Community Items in Residential Lot". This set is mostly intended to allow your sim to buy stuff at home, as if she's at a comm lot.

But there is an alternative, too: BoilingOil's Residential Shopping. This one is specifically geared at allowing your sim to SELL stuff from her home business.

I don't really enjoy tooting my own horn, but in your case, I expect you need the mod that *I* made Big Grin

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I will give YOUR's a try. I have a ton of your mods and I know that they work. Thank you Smile I just decided to remake the petstore as best as I could with what it'll give me but will put this in and see. Smile

EDIT: THANK YOU!!! It works!! Also adding in the collection into that other folder works. Not to be picky but I think the red and black colors the counters that have the puppy paw on it are a little off. I think they were darker. The colors are lighter then what the icons show.

DOUBLE EDIT: I think you're missing the restaurant podium and the cooktop. Everything else seems to check out.
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#9 02-05-2016 
I'm glad you mostly like it, @Blueangel Smile

If any objects are missing, that is not my fault... I've only edited what was already available in Ioba's mod. Some things may not have been present there, I do not know...
And for the objects whose colors might seem slightly off, I have no idea how that would be possible, because the objects are just the original Maxis items, just with some flags altered so we can use them on home lots.

At any rate, if some things are missing or looking off, then I'm sincerely sorry about that. But at least *most* of it is there Smile

#10 02-05-2016 
Oh yeah it's still pretty good for my pet shop Smile Maybe Ioba doesn't know they're missing or something. Either way I'm happy and thank you! I'm super happy that I can now make my ultra pet store/home combo with the rest of the pet stuff like the collars and the counter with the paw print on top. I have given some thoughts about having a pet store on one side of the house and a restaurant on the other and have the house part of it on the second floor but that's when the restaurant podium and cooktop come in place. I'm happy either way Smile


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