Just sharing a Video Cards.sgr for GTX970 / 13c2 - Windows 10
#1 23-07-2016 
Since these cards should start coming down in price soon, and since there doesn't seem to be one here (and they do need fixes), I thought I'd share my modification of one of celebkiriedhel's files to include the GTX970. I started with one of the Video Cards.sgr files that was already modified for Windows 10 from here:


You still need an appropriate Graphics Rules.sgr. The NVIDIA texture fix one from the link above seems to be working for me, but don't forget you still need to modify for higher resolutions, and you need to put both files in both locations mentioned.

Whenever I get new hardware or a new OS I'm always happy to see this site and these threads still exist, so just wanted to help out. Hopefully I haven't mucked it up. Smile
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#2 23-07-2016 

Thanks for that - you haven't attached the card. but when you do I will copy it to the downloads thread.

#3 23-07-2016 
Test reply. (Can't seem to get a reply to go through when I use the file attachment interface.)

Hmm, on Chrome under Windows 10, all ad-blockers disabled, I can't use the file attachment function. I can browse to a local file, but it doesn't get picked up in the final post. Is it choking on the spaces in the file name perhaps?

Here's a dropbox link instead:


#4 23-07-2016 
Its probably because you didn't zip it and so the file type isn't allowed. You should get a message though.

#5 23-07-2016 

No worries Gwynne. I've got it now, will add it to the post.


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