Thank You and I'm Sorry
#1 28-07-2016 
I don't really know how to word what I want to say, but I'm going to try.

Firstly, thank you all for being the friends I don't have in real life. Thank you for all the support, be it emotional, financial or whatever else kind you can think of. Thank you for helping keep me from going over the edge just with your words. Thank you to those who worry, to those who pray, for the virtual hugs, for the mom chats, for the virtual shoulders to cry on. Thank you for taking an interest in my kids, as they are my life and I'm sure my most common topic of discussion. I can't even begin to tell you how much you all mean to me.

Now the harder part to articulate. I'm sorry I'm such a hot mess. I'm sorry that by being my friend I have (I'm sure) added stress and worry to your lives, since I myself am just a big ball of stress and worry, and I know it carries over to those "around" me. I'm sorry that I don't have friends in real life and have grasped at you all when I feel I'm drowning and pulled you down with me. I'm sorry in so many ways but I just can't figure out how to word how I feel.

Just know that I love you all and I'm sorry. Sometimes I think about "leaving" so as not to be such a bother to you all. But I'm too selfish for that Sad
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#2 28-07-2016 
Joni there is nothing to be sorry about. We all love you for who you are and what you mean to us. All I want to do is to come and give you a real life hug. I'm always here for you as a friend and for the 'mom' chats, if they help you.

Love you xxx

#3 28-07-2016 
Well... Here's one less thing to stress and worry over, Jones! Don't you give it a second thought! You know the saying... "no one is an island". We all need each other, and we all depend on each other. None of us are angry at, or upset with, or bothered by you. You bring a whole lot of smiles and happiness with you, each and every time you login. You're amazing and very talented, and you've added way more to the community than you've taken.

The ONLY thing you'd ever have to be sorry for is if you ever did decide to leave us!!

In the meantime... "Lean on Lee(fish)!"

#4 28-07-2016 
That's one of my favorite songs, grin Smile

#5 29-07-2016 
I agree with the above. There is absolutely no reason for you to apologize for the cards life has dealt you or how you feel. It is what it is and we will gladly help you in any way that we can. Smile

#6 29-07-2016 
We're all a hot mess at one time or other, and all of us at some time feel that people would be better off without us. But understand, as I have come to understand - That staying is not selfish. People are with us because they love us. If you were to leave you would break our hearts. You are being kind to us, by staying.

I wish I could give you a huge hug in real life right now. I also wish I could solve all your messy problems. But I can't. So just know that I LOVE you, I SUPPORT you, and I will do what I can for you.

I am willing to take that extra stress in my life, because I love you, and that concern for you is an honourable and kind consequence of my love for you. I need to know how you are getting on, because that's how I know what to care about.

I'm sorry you are feeling burdened down by your circumstances. Just know that we love you and care for you and will continue to support you in every way we can.

#7 29-07-2016 
What everybody else has said. You have absolutely nothing to apologise for. And if we weren't spread out all across the globe (can't they invent the transporter already?) , I promise you'd have a horde of Leefishers standing outside your door right now, all wanting to give you a huge hug. We love you, and we're here for you, and we won't go away even if you try to chase us off with a stick. So there! Heart

#8 29-07-2016 
Chère Jones. Life is weird. World is absurd. But there's hope.

I wrote a quote as my signature, on my The Sims 4 forum account:
Quote:Les utopies d'aujourd'hui sont les réalités de demain. (V. Hugo)
Pensez positif ! ^_^

Which means:
Quote:Today's utopia is tomorrow's reality. (Victor Hugo, French poet)
Was he a bit too optimistic? No, he was just truly positive... Think positive!

Ok, easier said than done, as always. But still... there is hope. Smile

Poisson, someone who also has no friend in real life, and who hasn't got any true happy things... for quite a while now.

I hope I'm not inappropriate. Undecided

Anyway, sending a huge amount of virtual love: departure: Lorraine, France; arrival: Ohio, USA. Heart

#9 29-07-2016 
What everyone else said. We love you. We support you. We want you around for a long time.

#10 30-07-2016 
What they all said. You are welcome to vent, rant, cry, complain and say whatever. That's what we're here for Smile


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