Windows 10 Anniversary Update Causes Extreme Problems
#1 02-10-2016 
So, the computer updated itself. I have an HP Pavilion Notebook with an AMD Radeon Graphics Processor. I run the Ultimate Collection version. I've tried getting the SecuROM Remover that you would need with a No CD/.EXE thing, but it says I need something called "Direct X9 Graphics." Basically, the game loads at 1-10FPS. I've re-installed my game, Changing the Graphics to the lowest settings, setting the game to load in Vista Mode. There is no previous versions.
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#2 02-10-2016 
I have no idea if it will help, but you can get DirectX 9 here:

#3 02-10-2016 
It unfortunately needs Windows 95, 98, Millennium, XP, or 2000 to work. In other words, thank you for attempting to help me.

#4 03-10-2016 
Oh, I think you can still install it on Windows 10. It's just older than Windows 10 so doesn't have it listed in the "Supported Operating System" info. That said, I sort of doubt it would solve your problem anyway. Sad

#5 03-10-2016 
I guess

#6 03-10-2016 
Try this link , read all of it, including the comments then go to this:

#7 04-10-2016 
I get this error, though.    

#8 04-10-2016 
Copy that error into Google search and see what you get. Smile


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