Zoom Coffee Shop
#1 31-12-2016 
Another custom content-laden lot for my La Grande Mesa neighborhood build. The hood is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself! Anywhere here's the shop:

[Image: 2q0sil2.jpg]
[Image: jl2uft.jpg]
[Image: 29ge5ty.jpg]

Front of store to back

[Image: 156bte0.jpg]
[Image: 35bdnwo.jpg]
[Image: 9qb3pj.jpg]
[Image: v8mxzq.jpg]
[Image: 2ltsntd.jpg]
[Image: dljq6d.jpg]
[Image: 30ayhkz.jpg]

I intend for a Sim household to own this and turn it into a lucrative business Wink Hopefully it goes well with no cheat codes


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