[split] Clearing the Caches
#1 16-03-2017 
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Even I downloaded 2 empty group.cache and accessory.cache files and set them to read-only, my game still crashes. Anybody has the same problem? My game specifically only crash whenever I run my home business. And if I set the speed to 2 - 3, it is more likely to be crashed. It never crashes when I'm building or decorating houses and lots or controlling sims to do normal stuffs (eating, sleeping, making food etc.) I think it must have something to do with a lot of sims in one lot (but then again sometimes my game just crashes even just only 3 - 4 customers at the lot). I have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection btw.

#2 16-03-2017 

That has nothing to do with the caches so I've split this off and brought it to discussion instead. When you crash, do you get a report? You'll find it in your logs folder in where you play your game in the my documents folder area.

It will look like this:

Sims2Exception 2016.05.01 16.02.37.txt

where the numbers are the year,month,day and the time in yyyy.mm.dd hh.mm.ss format. The text file is the one we want - the mdmp one isn't readable by us.

Also, if you can post up your (pcname)-config-log.txt that you have in that area we can see what's going on on your computer.

These sort of crashes generally happen because there is a problem with custom content, although they can occur for other reasons as well. It does sound like you're crashing because it's trying to do more than it can cope with - so the config-log.txt will tell me whether that is the case or not, and if there is anything we can do to fix it.


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