Sorry about the disappearance
#1 27-04-2017 
I've been sick, and also dealing with a cat going blind - which we've managed to avert. Dear Bella has an ulcer on her cornea after losing her other eye. So pretty intensive care going on.

This is her on April 14:
Picture of Bella with eye ulcer

Got back from the ophthalmologist appointment about an hour ago. The ulcer has completely healed. We have some scarring to work on, and a surgery to remove some eyelashes that face the wrong way to come, but the worst part, and the likelihood of going blind is now over.

I will be doing all the graphics card fixes tonight so feel free to remind me here if I haven't dealt with your stuff in the next 24-48 hours.
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#2 27-04-2017 
Oh no, kiri! So glad you've managed to rescue her sight though xxx


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