New PC for Sims 2
#1 15-05-2017 
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I am getting a new desktop computer and I'd like to make sure it can run Sims 2 Ultimate Collection in all its glory, with as few problems as possible. What kind of computer would you recommend, graphics card wise and in other respects?
I don't think performance is the issue here; stability is the issue. Windows 10 is my preference over Windows 7, but other than that I don't have many requirements. A suitable second hand PC (central unit) will probably cost €300-€500 but my budget is flexible if needed.
Thank you very much for your kind help in advance.

#2 16-05-2017 

1. Graphics Card - most all the cards work with Sims 2 still. NVidia has some lagging problems, so go for Radeon or Intel.

2. RAM - as much as you like. Once you've got the more than 2G Ram mod in, the game can use it all. But at least 2G.

3. CPU - this is the important one. While you can have up to 8 cores nowadays Sims 2 only uses 2 cores. So make sure your individual core is 2MHz or greater and the higher the better, otherwise you won't be able to use high-resolution. It is better to have fewer cores with a higher rate, than many cores with a low one. To get high resolution, you need to have at least 3MHz in your two cores, and the game doesn't calculate the cores as additive. (So for example 2 cores of 1.6MHz is 2.2MHz not 3.2 MHz) This is currently happening for one of the people I'm helping and although they have a quad core of 1.6MHz, they can't play the game with more than low resolution.

Apart from that the game is pretty good. SSD disks make the game run like the clappers because they access memory way faster, so if you can get one drive with that, running your game on that drive works.

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Excellent, thank you very much for your help. It should not be difficult to find a second hand PC with those specifications. I might add a new Radeon RX 460 card if needed.


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