Ultimate Collection crashes
#1 26-05-2017 
Hi to all and happy simming!

I am not happy at all. I took my disk game off because it kept crashing and put on the Ultimate collection and IT KEEPS CRASHING! (Pulling my hair out) I love the game it's what I do to relax. It's been no fun in weeks to play this game. Because I couldn't play my old hoods I decide I would clone my sims and play them in a hood I haven't played before. I only played Pleasantview and Strangetown. So I pulled out my savesims folder and took my sims into body shop and was happily adding a family at a time. I didn't put any clothes back figuring since that was the cause of so much turmoil that would be my last concern. For what ever reason its crashing when I go in to decorate. I've done the 50/50 to death! I can't find whats causing the game to crash. I have noticed that when it crashes there is no group.cache file. Also I looked in my sims character folder and I have over 700 character files how is that. I added all the necessary mods to stop extra sims from being created. I've only attached University to this neighborhood. Oh the neighborhood I'm playing is Desiderate Valley now. I don't know how to read the error logs it mine as well be in another language. Ughhhh! My specs are Windows 10 home- AMD A12-9800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute core 4C+8G 3.80 GHz/ 16GB RAM.

I've finally set up Graphic Rules to work! You guys ROCK!!!!

Looking forward to any help you all can give!


#2 26-05-2017 

I need to see the config-log.txt I can't help you before that.

The sims are set up in the hood, and depending on the hood you use - and it will generate a lot of sims to start with.

#3 26-05-2017 
Hi celebkiriedhel, thanks for answering.

I hope I added the right logs. There are a lot but some didn't have a file size so I didn't think they were important. I added App.Errors.log, DESKTOP-3SFRLM8-config-log, Sims2Exception 2017.05.25 12.44.38, Sims2Exception 2017.05.25 11.49.10, Sims2Exception 2017.05.25 02.40.54.

.txt  DESKTOP-3SFRLM8-config-log.txt (Size: 10.29 KB / Downloads: 528) .

I only attached one of the exception files but there are others all from yesterday.

I apologize in advance if I added to much. I wasn't rather to use the add button or insert into post.

#4 28-05-2017 
@LostSims723 You've attached the one config-log.txt multiple times. Fortunately, that's the one I want - so I've removed the copies.

OK. Lets start with getting in a correct graphic rules and video cards setup.

1. Download these files :
Graphic Rules - RADEON - Texture Fix
Video Cards.sgr - RADEON - 682b

2. Install them into these folders:
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\
(Install = unzipping files and putting the sgr files into both folders, allowing them to overwrite the existing ones)

3. Run game. Check for resolution.

4. Upload DESKTOP-3SFRLM8-config-log.txt from logs folder.

If you could also run a DXDiag, and upload the DxDiag.txt (you get that from clicking on save all information) - I can tailor the graphic rules to fit your computer.

#5 28-05-2017 
Ok I'm on it! Don't understand the last part but it's late I'll figure it out! I thought i had the graphic rules thing correct! Sad Thank you so much for your time!

I'll get back to you!

Video Cards.sgr - RADEON - 682b This link not working.

#6 01-06-2017 

I hope this find you well! I made a comment that the second link is not working. To complete your task I will need that link fixed or an alternative link.



#7 06-06-2017 
@LostSims723 Sorry about that - I've fixed the link, and it should work now.

#8 06-06-2017 
Thanks so much!

#9 06-06-2017 
Hi again thanks for getting back to me. All looks well! It late so I only did a quick run. I will follow through tomorrow. I have attached the following docs per your response.

.txt  DESKTOP-3SFRLM8-config-log.txt (Size: 10.2 KB / Downloads: 515)
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 74.69 KB / Downloads: 614)

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you!

#10 06-06-2017 

You're welcome. I'm sorry it took me so long to fix the link.

That should be everything for you. In the graphic rules.sgr that I gave you there is a line -

seti textureMemory 1744

in the DxDiag, it says your texture memory is 10199. If 1744 is changed to 10199, you will get the correct texture memory for your machine, and it means you won't have problems with pink flashing for a long long time.

I've updated the Graphic Rules for you - download this one, and let it overwrite the previous one. It won't look much different to your fixed game, but it will last longer.

Graphic Rules - fixed for Lost Sims 723 only


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