SIms 2 lags even after I update al my drives and boost my ram and such
#1 25-06-2017 
MrSimsFanatic here from the sims 2 machinima community!

Since I started using windows 10. my game lags bookoo badly i can't even film a machinima properly at all. Game is very laggy and slow even after I removed my downloads to see. Loads very slow too for renaming cc files getting rid of special characters AND orginizing my downloads by Category.

Ive been in the machinima community for almost 10 years and I can't do machinimas due to my stuff being very laggy.

Here are my specs for the desktop and sims 2 file log attached

PS: I just wanna film my game properly and being able to use the slow motion cheat without my sims looking like they are skipping movements or choppy. and i am saving for a gaming laptop so this is something i need to fix for now so i dont have to rush in on buying yet.
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EDIT: I forgot to put my DXDiag so here sorry! >_<"
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Your CPU seems ti be very low -
Processor: AMD E1-1500 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~1.5GHz
2 x 1.5 MHz is not a lot, and it would cause the game to be laggy under Windows 10.

To use high resolution, you need to be able to have 3 GHz or more. You're right at the border.

You've got 6G of RAM (Which is a strange number to have normally it needs to be 4/8/16) which could cause problems of its own with prioritising. How do you have that in your system? 3 2G Ram cards? or 1 2G and 1 4G?

The graphics card is old, but adequate - 2G of display memory works.

Are you able to reverse Windows 10 out? That would be my first go to.

At the moment, the game only uses 2G of RAM unless you have a fix put in - If you go to this thread, there is a number of solutions to lag.

FAQ - Lag Issues - Possible Solutions

The ones I want you to do is 1,3 and 4.

But to be honest, the likelihood that you are going to be able to use the slow motion cheat is not guaranteed even with these changes.

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It was originally a windows 8. Yeah I am aware of my cpu being pretty cruddy and yeah 6gb for sims 2 series alone is too little. and Honestly I have no clue how i have this kind. A friend of mine gave me his desktop(I can see why now lol) and in the end, im going to invest in a MSI VR Ready GT93VR Titan SLI-024 laptop

the spec for it are:
GTX 1080 Dual SLI i7 - core processor with the speed of 2.9 ghz of HDD being 1tb while ssd is also 1tb
ram size is 64gb. Sady it'll be a while to purchase it since it costs an entire soul(lmao) Unless if I may ask, if you got any recommended gaming laptop that has a good budget while also delivering smooth lagg free and being able to use slowmotion without skipping of chopping. But If Im aware. its rare to find a good budget gaming laptop(sorry if im random with what im saying, i have mild autism)

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Actually, in short sentence.

Whats a good laptop for high graphic sims 2 machinima making without any trouble(Yeah I want the laptop i mentioned but its too expensive right now)

I just need a proper laptop for sims 2 machinima for "Lag and slow free movements where I can use all the slowmotion number(0-8) postprocessing cheat, good storage for my cc(i have 35k) and cpu and ram and graphic such.

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I can't point you to a budget laptop - I don't know where you are, or what you can afford. I'm in Australia and our prices and stores are different.

When looking for a laptop these are the things you need to look for -

1. CPU - nowadays it's rare to get CPU less than dual cores, and up to octo (8). Unfortunately Sims2 only really copes with 2 and it's not clear if it even tries to use more if they are there. So you need at least 3GHz in 2 cores, I would be aiming for 2 -2.5 GHz per core. It doesn't matter how many core you have, and really from a sims point of view the fewer the better.

2. 6G of RAM is ok, but it's unbalanced which causes processing issues. Go for a minimum of 8G and have it split between two RAM sticks or 4 sticks. The faster the RAM sticks, the faster the processing.

3. Graphics Card - 1G GPU, but what you're looking for is one that has a good amount of base display memory (Greater than 2G). Almost every medium range GPU has enough for Sims 2. I'd avoid NVidia though because it has lag issues of it's own with Sims 2 and Windows 10.

Summary: CPU each core greater than 2GHz, Ram needs to be balanced - 8G is good. Avoid NVidia.


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