GPU not being detected at all?
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I've been having a really weird problem with my game. Back in March this year I installed all my expansions and stuff packs and my game ran totally fine. I left my game alone for a few months and went to boot it up yesterday and I had the god awful flashing pink problem. I thought it was weird that this started all of the sudden, but no worries, I booted up Graphics Rules Maker and updated my files.. didn't work. I ended up spending half my day troubleshooting and trying different fixes, I even uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Nothing was working.
I took a glance at my config-log inside my Logs folder and realized something weird was happening, that the game wasn't picking my 960 up at ALL.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers twice, and even uninstalled and reinstalled with an older driver that I had used back when the game was working fine (in March) but nothing is working at all. I'm drawing a blank at this point. The only thing I can think of that can be causing this is maybe a Windows 10 update broke my game, but I haven't seen anyone else talking about this happening with them.
Any help at all would be great, thanks!

OS: Windows 10 Home x64
CPU: Intel i3-4170 8GB RAM

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Oh man, I fixed it finally. I uninstalled my most recent Windows 10 update and rebooted and it fixed my game.
No more flashing pink and my log is now detecting my graphics card! Big Grin
If anyone else is having this same problem and you've exhausted your options you can uninstall updates by going to Control Panel>Uninstall a program>View installed updates>Sort by "Installed on". the uninstall can take a pretty long time (it took nearly half an hour for mine) so just be patient.
I hope this helps someone!


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