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My name is snabul, I am an dinosaur concerning Sims, because I play them since april 2000.
I tried all Versions and still prefer Sims 2 because of the "style", only sometimes I switch to Sims 4 or 3.
To be honest, I love them all...
Sims 1 is very hard to play, because everything is so tiny. Maybe someone "redoes" this for smartphones, one day.

I am 40something years old and live at Germany. My wife used to play Sims 2 some years, but quitted.
My children tried it and sometimes play Sims 4. but we restricted their "computer time", so they can not excess, like me.

I play at least one hour a day, usually at night, when the others sleep.

Now I installed the game at an Windows 7 64Bit OS and did not get along with config and such.
So I was very glad to find this site and an instruction of how to adjust grafic settings and configs.


Now, that I think about, "WHO am I talking to?" I get very curious about you, still playing Sims 2 :-)
I am happy to meet YOU!

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Hi there and welcome to Leefish Smile I've been playing TS2 and creating for it for a while now! I also have the others as well but rarely play them.


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