could sims 2 run smoothly on high settings with intel hd graphics 520?
#1 29-09-2017 
my birthday is in two weeks and i found a nice budget laptop. 2.50 ghz i7 core, 16gb and 1tb, FHD 1920 x 1080, graphics? intel HD graphics 520 but is considered dedicated graphics according to on ebay and amazon. i went on game debate to the tool to see if it can tell me if sims 2 can run smoothly on high settings and it said it should for the specs i gave.

to confirm, does anyone think since its a dedicated plus using fraps and slowmotion cheat (i use between 2 - 5), it should run smoothly still and not have no issues?

i also do know especially for sims director it uses the cpu too along with graphics card but since cpu shouldnt be an issue, i just neeed a confirm for graphics amd that its dedicated.

#2 30-09-2017 
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is using fraps better than the ingame tool?
I would guess, you could change the games configs more accurate according your needs than fraps.
Unfortunately I have no experience with your planned setting, but to me it looks perfect. The specs are far above your needs.
I have never heard of dedicated Intel HD. This is what I know:
Maybe multicore recording software tools could solve this, too, since sims 2 is NOT running on spare cores, I guess.

#3 01-10-2017 
yeah an intel graphic a dedicated? Im not sure but dedicated or integrated, since sims 2 is an semi old game that uses one cpu. and the rest of the specs are outtanding i should be able to run fraps at 60 fps. a website read it can go up to 402 fps. so maybe it is a good choice for people with a budget.

#4 02-10-2017 
@MrSimsFanatic Intel works fine for Sims2. In some ways it works better than NVidia.

You need to attach your config-log.txt for me to be able to say for certain.

#5 08-10-2017 
I do not have it yet. and I found a better option: Im buying it this upcoming Thursday. a geforce 560m dedicated. ghz speed of 2.2-3.1 i7. 8gb ram. 1.25tb hdd (500 gb + 750gb hdd)

and I cannot attach a config since I do not have the exact pc i am looking at yet. I know nvidia and sims 2 sometimes do not get along but my friend dreamweaver films has a nvidia and her machinimas look so good without issues and she said her laptop runs sims 2 without no issues. so who knows.

(ps sorry for the late reply ive been busy)

#6 09-10-2017 
I had a Toshiba Tecra, i5, 12gb/ram, 7200rpm/750gb HDD with Intel HD4000 graphics. With a little tweaking on the video (Thanx for the help, Kiri), it ran just fine. Both computers you're considering, have better specs than the one I had.

A good tip..... Take four, two liter bottle caps, place under the four corners of your laptop, so it can breathe, and keep the area around it clear of junk. I know many laptops get bricked because someone tried using it as a gamer, with no cooling relief. Laptops need all the help they can get in the cooling department.


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