REQUEST: graphics rules card and fixing my config log/video card data not found
#1 22-10-2017 
My new laptop works with sims 2 amazingly. However I run int a few lags once in a while(i reduced my cc because i only got 8gb ram and I have 54k cc so until i upgrade my ram capacity imma reduce my cc capacity) I have a nvidia geforce 560m GTX 2gb. Yall dont have it for download but I heard someone can make it for me if I give them I believe my config log and also maybe video card? so Ill give both. Its not found in my database so maybe that could be why and the fact got 4 CORE I7 3.1 ghz on turbo and I know sims 2 could have issues so should I change the cpucount to 1? anyways here are the files.

.txt  ASUS-config-log.txt (Size: 10.29 KB / Downloads: 491)
EDIT: I attached my DXDiag instead)

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 80.08 KB / Downloads: 469)
Could I get made a personal graphics rules etc so I can run stuff in high settings without issues?(My game was already in high settings when installed and is really crisp but theres still glitch and teeny tiny bit lag when i film once a while)

#2 22-10-2017 
I'm thinking that if you first open up your videocards.sgr and add a line

card 0x1251 "GeForce GTX 560M"

to the "nVidia" section, then the game will find your videocard in the Database just fine.
If you then go to DOWNLOADS - GRAPHIC RULES and VIDEO CARDS and hit the link named "Graphic Rules - NVIDIA - Texture Fix - Max Screen size 1920x1080" to download the graphics rules file, you're probably not going to have any problems with your game.

I've been using 4 CORE i7 @3.4GHz, and now a 4 CORE i5 @3.4GHz, and I always run without the need to change any CPU count. But I guess it would not hurt.

#3 22-10-2017 
Unfortunately that did not work. Added it but my game got a message saying cant find compatible graphics card direct 9.0 or something

#4 22-10-2017 
Perhaps you could check out the pinned FAQs in this area to see if one of them gives a clue about DirectX issues.
I would have no clue how to proceed with that, but others might. Kiri will know for sure, but I cannot say when she'll be around.

#5 23-10-2017 
@MrSimsFanatic @BoilingOil

Thanks BO - your advice was spot on.

MrSimsFanatic - can you post another config-log.txt from your game with the changes in? The likelihood is that you've put them in the wrong place, depending on what game you have.

#6 25-10-2017 
Here you go. sorry work got me busy and it took a bit to install my game via orgin due to we got slow coverage since the cold windy weather finally reached here(USA LA)

If you could tell me where i should go that would be awesome

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.txt  ASUS-config-log.txt (Size: 9.49 KB / Downloads: 464)

#7 25-10-2017 
nvm I fixed it as BO advised I apologize BO and thank you very much! Added the line in the card and downloaded the max by 1920 x 1080 and my game has the smooth edges and resolution back thank you and thank you as well Kiri!


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