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I'm currently working on a project I like to call "EuroPad". I'm working with various carriers, to find the best postal rates, from Texas, to Europe, to get my refurbished ThinkPads to patrons in Europe. I HAVE sent computers to Europe before (Specifically, Germany), and had gotten decent enough rates, where it may be a reasonable cost for Europeans to purchase used ThinkPads (Reasonable that is, for Europe), from me here in Texas.

If you want to be of assistance, PM me an address around your area of Europe, preferably, an empty lot, a restaurant, etc. for my database.

I then, can get my contacts from UPS, DHL, and Postal service to assist me in getting the cost nailed down.

I will POST some results here on LeeFish, when I get them.

DO NOT send me your personal address. I'd like to give @leefish a shout out for being the first to contribute. Smile

This is why I've been a little scarce around here lately. I've been considering the following Lenovo ThinkPads, for repair, rebuild, and shipping:

T420 with nVidia
T420s with nVidia
T430 with nVidia

These are the most reasonable, cost expedient laptops in the U.S. at the moment. REAL cheap, REAL reliable. They are ALSO the most likely computers to survive well, under so long of a journey.
Not super computers, but they will play the HECK out of The Sims 2, and 3, and be very useful otherwise.

As I'm trying to balance cost, with worth, in this project, it's going to take a little time.

Next, I'm going to try and figure out duty, and import, the limitations of them, etc.

Maybe I will build your future "Simming" machine for you. Smile

Once I get these things figured out, I'll see if LeeFish will work with me to make it happen somehow.
Our little pond, will be the first beneficiaries of this, IF I can pull this off. I waited until now to say anything, because I wasn't sure it would be realistically possible, but it seems like it COULD be, at this point.

Lots to do between now, and then though.

Lat'r Y'all!
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