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So I bought the sims 2 Castaway (disc) and when I installed it, It wouldn't run on windows 10. After a OS update I managed to get it running Great! it was working fine (terrible rendering) but nothing I couldn't work with. Then I closed the game tried to play it the next day and the same issue as before, wouldn't run on my OS turns out I had to restart my laptop to get it running but now it lags like crazy about evry 3 seconds it stops for a good bit then runs again. I've tried a lot of the sims2 lag solutions but there mostly for older OS and I'm not sure how to get the same options on windows 10. All the ones I have tried didn't work.
Any advice?? I really want to binge play this game Sad

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We can fix a few things - can you do a dxdiag and upload the dxdiag.txt for me - I need to see what your system can handle.

I don't have Castaways installed, so I'm not sure what the folders that it has are -if you go into the windows explore and have a look in the Programs File (X86) folder for Castaways - do you have a TSBin and a TSData folder in it?


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