Sims 2 body shop pink flashing sims???
#1 30-11-2017 
So I reinstalled sims 2, after installing 37k of cc, bodyshops loads up, but my sims and cc are all pink. I have no clue why its like that and I do not know if I need to download the 1920x 1080 graphics are not. heres my dxdiag and config log

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 64.21 KB / Downloads: 450)

.txt  DESKTOP-JUAIQ3C-config-log.txt (Size: 7.61 KB / Downloads: 420)

by the way I got UC

#2 01-12-2017 
Nvm I fixed it, there was a download that made bodyshop cause that(sorry for the inconvenience)

#3 12-12-2017 
@MrSimsFanatic May I ask which download was causing that? I'm trying to help friend figure what is making her game and bodyshop flash pink and I was thinking maybe she happens to have the same file too.


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