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.txt  LAURA-config-log.txt (Size: 10.28 KB / Downloads: 360)

Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me on a creating a sim issue for the sims 2, I play on digital version and currently use windows 10. The issue seems to be when creating a sim, when I load on to my world and in a house everything is fine however as soon as I go to creating a sim all I see is a clear blue screen and no sim, I see the section to put the sims name and the part to create which sim whether it be male or female but the screen itself is a clear blue and when I do try to create a male or female sim the game will crash. I would much appreciate any help on this matter, thank you.

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If this helps anyone for my last post i'm still having problems with I decided to upload a picture for everyone to see the problem I'm currently having.

[Image: simscreen.jpg]


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