White Screen on Launch - NVIDIA
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Hi, I've been trying to get Sims 2 to run with my dedicated graphics card but it seems to be trying its best to defy me. The best result I can manage is an entirely white screen in windowed mode. Trying to run the game in fullscreen almost always results in the game failing to run. Initially it was giving me a runtime error, but I read that if you changed the texture memory to match your dedicated video memory it could resolve the issue. But after doing that I began receiving an error stating that Sims "failed to find any DirectX 9.0 compatible graphic drivers."

I'm really not sure what the issue is or where to begin trying to resolve it. I will clarify that my game runs fine on the integrated graphics card, but it tends to run slower than I feel it really should at times, especially if there are too many Sims on screen; and speeding up time never speeds up the game as fast as it should unless I position the camera so no Sims or objects are on screen.

My OS is Windows 10.

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