Pink Flashing Desaster
#1 14-12-2017 
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Hello everyone Smile

I play the Ultimate Collection on Windows 10 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.
And now I have pink flashing objects on lots, in the catalog and neighborhood. I guess, the Windows update messed something up.

What I have done before I got the flashing (an my game was fine with it):

DEP, LAA, removed Securom, used a no-CD.exe, let the game regognize my graphic card and set the texture memory in my Graphic Rules.sgr with the Graphic Rules Maker. I Played as administrator, in windowed mode, with clean neighborhood templates, read-only Accessory & Groups caches and a downloads folder around 6 GB.
I also used the Compressorizer and removed special characters from filenames.

What I have done after I got the flashing:

1. Checked if all the things I have done are still there. Updated my graphic drivers via GeForce Experience, deleted the thumbnails folder and entered a CC-free lot in a new neighborhood. - still flashing

2. Turned off Windows automatic graphic driver update, deinstalled my graphic drivers in save mode, installed the recommended drivers and replaced my Graphic Rules.sgr with the Nvidia fix from here - still flashing

I don't know what happend to my game and what I can do now.
Karen Lorraine, over there at MTS, suggested that I should ask here and you would help me. Will you? Please?

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#2 15-01-2018 
Did you ever get this fixed? This is what started a current downward spiral for me of attempted reinstalls and chain crashing (from Origin/UC install on current-generation hardware and multiple machines).

#3 16-01-2018 
I get the pink flashing too every now and then. I think it may be related to the Sea & Pond overhaul mod, since that's when it first started happening.

#4 18-01-2018 
There is a stack of things that you can do to get rid of the pink flashing - but some of them are doing to be hard work.

1. Crisp and Kerosene has a You-tube on how to fix pink flashing:

Follow their instructions.

2. Corrupt thumbnails can be a cause - delete the files in your thumbnails folder and let the game re-generate them.

3. You have too many large textures being used in the game - go remove excess recolours of textures that are 1024x or larger. (Hint: bedding).

4. reduce the amount of large-texture CC that you use in your game - especially Hood Deco.


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