Doesn't reconize my graphic card (SIMS 2) NVIDIA
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Hello everyone! Basically, my game does not reconize my graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M). I've tried a lot of things, Graphic Rules Maker, tweaking the Graphic Rules File, etc..

Now I don't know if I haven't configured the Graphic Rule correctly, but I don't know. I've tried also various things from different forums but nothing. There I attatched the config-log txt. My operating system is Windows 10.

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According to the log, your game DOES recognize the graphics card just fine. But you may want to update your Video Cards.sgr:

In the NVidia section, find a line that reads -- card 0x139b "GeForce 960"
and change it to read -- card 0x139b "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960"

Then see what the game does.

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Well now that is really weird. For example, whenever I went to Create A Sim, and go to the makeup and accessories section, my game would LAG LIKE HELL. I'm not sure why. Or when I had a lot of objects, my game would get laggy too. I'll try what you say.

Edit: Ok I just looked for that line, but there is no card like that. So I added it myself, and see what happens.

Do I need to do the same with the rest of the EP's? (I have Ultimate Collection) and do I need to do it in both Congif and CSConfig?
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Ok I just tested it. Didn't work... I'm not surprised.

Been for more than a month trying to get that fracking game to reconize my graphic card. I mean, I at least I assume that, because If I have a card that can run games like Batman Arkham Knight fairly smoothly, heavy games like that, why does my game lag so bad when Its in the makeup section in the Sims 2, that game being pretty old? I can only assume it's not using the Nvidia Graphic Card, or is it something else?

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You should ONLY need to do this for the LAST EP, related to EP99.exe. And yes, it should be done for BOTH the /Config and the /CSConfig folders. Because the /Config folder is for the game, and the CSConfig folder is for the Bodyshop/CAS system.

If the game REALLY had a problem with the graphics card, then it would cause problems all the time, and NOT ONLY in the makeup section of CAS. Don't blame this on the game being old or the Graphics Card being unrecognized... Because as I could READ in the config-log.txt, the game HAS recognized the Graphics Card. So that is NOT the problem!

No, the problem is that you've downloaded a bad piece of makeup that your game cannot work with, and THAT is why it gets laggy every time when you go to the makeup section. So throw away all the custom makeup that you have (move them to a folder on the desktop), and THEN try to run your game again.

Also, how much is "a lot of objects"???
And remember that after a new installation, the game needs time to build the thumbnail files. The first time you go into any new section of the build/buy or CAS menus, it needs to read through ALL the files to build that thumbnail package. That takes a lot of time, and causes lag. But if you break it off every time and don't give it the time it need, the next time you go into that section, it will have to start all over again. But once it has built all those files, that lag is a thing of the past, until you add new stuff or remove the thumbnail files.

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I really don't get it, how is that the problem is not the Graphic Card? How is that this card runs PS4 Games in my PC fairly smoothly but with Sims 2 it lags when there is a lot of texture. It does not only lag in the CAS Makeup, also when there are too many objects, or if the lot is too big, it lags, not as much as in the makeup, but still, it shouldnt lag if I have a NVIDIA Graphic card, it should run super smooth at all times if it were tor reconize it, right? And it doesn't, for some reason.

For example this mod

I'ts like a graphic mod to enhance the sims 2 visuals. And when I install it, my sims flash pink. I understand that is because of not enough texture memory? But I believe (I assume) that my Nvidia Graphic Cards has more than enough memory to run those textures, so I'm not quite understanding why it's not working. And beleive me , I have waited for the game to see if it stopped lagging. It way TOO laggy, like execessively laggy, like if i were playing with a awful video card.

Maybe I have to change something in the Graphic Rules Maker? AND BTW, my graphic card is Geforce GTX 960M, not Geforce GTX 960, just to clear that up.

The lag comes when there is too much texture, like if there wasn't enough texture memory, which doesn't make sense for a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M.

Btw, my apologies if I sound rude. Is that this is a issue I've been having for so long that I havent been able to solve.
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Ok, first of all, would you PLEASE stop quoting my post every time you decide to add another remark? It wastes a lot of screen estate.
Every time I come here, I have to remove THREE full quotes of my own post from yours. I don't like having to do that.
Just go to the bottom of the screen, and type in the field that says "Start typing..." No need to quote my message at all!

Also, please don't get mad at me because I'm not all-knowing. If you had told us EVERYTHING in the first post, we might be able to help you better.
And please, do not bite my head off because I did not add an "M" at the end of your graphics card's name. Everyone makes a mistake now and then. That happens. If you want it to show correctly in the game, you add that M in the Video Cards.sgr yourself.

How should I know that your game is slowing down and lagging? In the first post, you didn't even MENTION that. You only said that the game wasn't recognizing the graphics card. Then I looked in the config-log.txt that you sent with that post, and I read there that the game DOES recognize the card very well!

Later, you only say that it slows down in the Makeup section and when you have "a lot of objects".
So I told you what I think the problem is. And I asked you how many is "a lot of objects".
You haven't removed the makeup files and tested if the game would work better now, and you haven't answered my question, either.

NOW you tell me it also happens when the lot is too big. TOO big? TOO many objects? Do you hear yourself???
If there is a TOO in the sentence, then that is the problem! You are asking TOO much of the old game!

Let me tell you this: my computer is very new, very fast, and has a great graphics card (also an NVIDIA card, btw). If I play a modern game, nothing is wrong. If I play a normal or smallish lot in TS2, nothing is wrong. But if I load up an enormous lot, full with a lot of different objects, my machine ALSO has to work very hard to get everything going. It has to load a LOT of files from the disk, cache them all in memory, cache their textures in graphics memory, swap memory to the pagefile and back... It starts making a lot of noise, and it slows down. That is not surprising! That is totally normal for an older game such as TS2, that can only use a limited amount of RAM memory, because it wasn't originally made to work with more than 2GB. And if you don't have an SSD, but an old-fashioned HDD, then it's even worse!

But I say this now for the third and last time: your game lagging and slowing down has NOTHING to do with the graphics card not being recognized, because it IS recognized. The proof of that is in the config-log.txt that you attached to your first post! I have seen it, and everyone can see it, including you!
If there was a problem with the graphics card, the game would ALWAYS be slow, or other problems would happen. The game might crash, or things might start flashing purple, blue or pink, or the screen might go entirely black. These things aren't happening in your game, because the graphics card is OK, and the game knows what card you have.

But still I maintain that you most likely have a bad piece of makeup in your Downloads folder.

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Ok um first of all, I'm really new here and I thought that I had to quote and all that, because there was no "reply" option.

Second of all, I am not mad at you in any way or I want to "bite you off" because you forgot the M. Youre completely missunderstanding my tone in my replies. I even said "just to clear that up" so there was no confusion and you could help me better. Im aware that youre a human and you make mistakes, yes. And im not bashing you or getting mad at you in anyway but it seems you think I am. Im simply trying to understand all of this. If you think im being rude or im annoying you in any way just let me know.

Now going back to the card thing. If the problem is the game's memory. If I do some changes in the Graphic Rules Maker in the option "force texture memory", would that help? And no its impossible for me to move all my makeup and accessorie stuff bc I have WAY to many CC, so it's impossible for me to know which files are makeup, etc.

Now one more thing. I started saying about TOO many objects or lots are too big. And you come here and be like "TOO?? do you even hear yourself???" for example, like if i were te dumbest person in the world kind of attitude. Dont come here and bash me for not knowing things or for not comprehending things, because if i made this post is because i want to learn and fix my problem. i please change that attitude ive felt constantly.

if im also missunderstanding your tone, please let me know and my apologies.

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OK, let me try this one last time, and then I'll stop.

I've told you three times already: your graphics settings are NOT the problem. And if they are not the problem, changing them is not going to fix your issue. Of course, you can ignore everything I say and keep trying to "force texture memory" as much as you like, but it will NOT change the fact that you have too much CC in your game. And it will NOT fix your problem.

You mention that you have TOO many objects on the lot. "Too good" does not exist. Anything that follows the word "too", is not positive; it's negative. ALWAYS! So if you say it's too much, or too big, then that is the problem. You say you have too much CC to sort out what is makeup... And exactly how much CC *do* you have? How many GB is your downloads folder? How many files are there in that folder? And do you use ALL these items ALL the time?
I have only 2GB of CC, and I still do not use everything that I have. Some things are never used, because I like other things better. So I should not need all of 2GB. How much should YOU not need?

You think I'm treating you like you are dumb... OK, imagine that I was in your place and you were in mine. You told me three times that my graphics settings are all right, and that changing them is NOT going to help. And then I ignore you all three times, and I keep asking if "forcing the settings" is going to make things better... Now what would YOU think of ME? Maybe you would not think that I'm stupid or dumb, but you WOULD think that I'm stubborn, and I'm not listening to you. So that's what I think of you now. Maybe you're not dumb or stupid, but you keep ignoring the facts!

If you don't care for my tone, I can understand that. I don't like saying these things any more than you like hearing them. I've tried to make it more polite, but English is not my first language, and I'm not a very patient person. So at some point, I may sound a little rude, but I never mean that. I'm doing the best that I can to do better.
Really, I don't like this conversation any more than you do. I've tried to help you, and you've ignored everything that I say. Then I got a little upset with you, and then you didn't like my tone. I'm sorry for my tone, I really am.

I'm sorry, but I can not help you. I apologize for the fact that I tried to help anyway. That was stupid of me. I should have known better. I hope that someone else comes along who can help you better.

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Well now that you asked me, I'll answer. If I were in your place I would be like "Ok I can see that this person has way too lttiel knowdelege about graphic cards, and maybe he's just asking because he doesnt quite understand". I wouldnt think that person is stuborn and is ignoring me or not accepting my suggestions. At all.

Why would I ignore you or not accept your suggestions if I'm asking for help? My intention never was to "ignore the facts" or being stubborn like that. You completely missunderstood my tone or my intentions. I am very new to the memory and graphic cards and all of this, so that's why I keep asking. I even said "I really don't get it, how is that the problem is not the Graphic Card? " You told me three times, Yes I am aware of that, but I also asked you three times to explain because I couldn't understand. I kept asking and I was expecting like some kind of brief explanation of a game's memory or I don't know. It's not that I didn't accept the facts, I just wanted to understand THOSE facts. I was all the time listening to you. How am I going to ignore the suggestions of someone that has way more knowdelege than me in graphic cards?
Whatever the case, let's just forget about that. Now that we already cleared this up, lets start over again Smile

NOW, leaving that aside. YES, I understand that the problem is not the graphic card, but I want to understand why. My question is:
If my computer can run a heavy game like Batman Arkham Knight fairly smoothly, why does my Sims 2 lag when there is too much texture, considering that Batman Arkham Knight is WAY more heavy than Sims 2 in every way? That is what I don't understand. Is it my memory? Is the the graphic card? It's my computer? The CC? Thats what I want to know.

About the CC, I have about 6GB of CC (almost 14,000 files). Yes, I am aware that that is A LOT of CC. Most of my CC is Sim related. Hairs, makeup, packaged sims, clothing, etc. The problem is, I don't know which items are the ones making my game lag that bad, or are consuming so much texture memory from my game (I guess that how you say it) and I can't tell what file is for what, because some files are just random numbers. I don't know what I should delete. Could you please tell me?

You can help me, you don't have to stop. And I don't hate this conversation. It's just a missunderstanding from both of us. We are humans after all. Lets just forget that and start over Smile
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