Sims 2 UC Crashing & won't start if made LAA
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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

So I've been having a lot of issues with the sims 2 UC since I've been wanting to play it lately; it crashes all the time, and it wouldn't run with my dedicated card unless it's in fullscreen mode. I tried to fix the issue by adding it to the DEP register or whatever on my computer, and I made it Large Address Aware. Problem is, ever since I used the "repair game" function on Origin, I think something is wrong with the LAA. I'm pretty sure Origin went ahead and installed the update to the UC, because i no longer see the "patch available" bar over the sims 2 on Origin and also have noticed that Origin starts when I press the sims 2 shortcut. So I realized that repairing my game made it so that the .exe is no longer Large Address Aware, and so I changed it with CFF explorer once again and... it won't even start unless I un-make it LAA. If it's made LAA and I try to start the game, the "play" button on origin greys out for a moment as if it's running, but then after about 15-30 seconds it's no longer greyed out, meaning the game didn't launch. I'm at my wits end with this random crashing, it's making the game unplayable, and I was hoping turning on LAA would fix the issue but it's only causing more issues.

My specs are:

Intel Core i5-72000U CPU @2.50GHz
RAM 8.00 GB
Windows 10 640-bit
Nvidia GeForce 920MX w/ 2048 MB dedicated DDR3 video memory

I have attached my config file below.

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.txt  LAPTOP-DGJM7H4J-config-log.txt (Size: 10.3 KB / Downloads: 393)


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