#1 24-12-2017 
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I had male sim & female sim age up by using a cake. They were both becoming elders but my game crashed. I didn't think of it much but the second time I tried, it crashed again so that's when it became an issue. I don't know what to do.

#2 02-01-2018 

When you say you were using a cake - what sort of cake? the inge jones cake? or an ingame one?

#3 06-01-2018 
Elders crashing sounds like you have the "uhkjhihjkj(11)" file lurking in your downloads somewhere, try searching for that file name and if you find it delete it, if you open it in SimPE all it contains is 1534 CRES files, it's a junk file that gets easily corrupted and for some reason causes crashing with sims aging into elders often. Now the nasty thing about it is that it doesn't necessarily have that particular name and could be just random letters and numbers but it's usually easy to spot by the size, it's 6.64mb so just search your downloads folder for "*.package and set the files it found in size order and get rid of (or at least move out) the 6.64MB files. There's some more information of that file posted here if you want to read it. Smile


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