Sims 2 crashing
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First off Happy New Year.

I try to look everywhere for this trouble. I have not to long ago was trying to fix an issue with my lag troubles. I thought I read everything but it only cause more troubles. First was my game not opening to getting errors. I fix some of the issues but I had to unstall and then reinstall the game. I saved my file but something happened after I put the file back. My game in Belladonna Cove crash. It either crash when I am there or loading a family or just when I am playing with them. I been working on that family for over three years and yeah neighborhood is getting full. I been trying to cut back on my CC.. I have over 13,000.. And I think that what might had started that long lag after the updated from Origin. I am scared to even do anything else without knowing what is good on my end really.. I am hoping I don't have to start again..Can somebody please help.. Sad Sorry, don't know how to attach a file in here..

I have a Windows 10 pro x64 bit.

I am using a Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin.

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While you were writing your post, did you not READ the bit "Before you post requesting help" that was right above the field where you typed?
It tells you exactly what you must to to attach a file. At the end of line 1. it says:

Click "full editor" below to attach a text file.

Now look below that field, and you'll see a bar with three buttons. The last one says "FULL EDITOR". That is the one to push...

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Got it.


Before you post requesting help
Information we need

  1. The -config-log.txt from the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\ Click "full editor" below to attach a text file.
  2. Your operating System.
  3. What the problem actually is - that will be a picture to show the problem (optional), and accompanying text files that turn up (optional), and a detailed description of what happened, and what you expected to happen.

Sorry, that is a members only option